Friday, January 25, 2013

why hello 2013...

how does so much time pass without a blog here?

i'll tell you. blogs on Guide to Wicked Sex, advice columns, guest spots in magazines, countless interviews, and everything else!

busy is good. i love busy. i'll give you a quick recap of the last few months, and then i'll promise (again) to not make you wait so long til my next blog here.

i shot an amazing movie called $EX for Wicked. Brad Armstrong directed it, and soon it'll be on for members before it hits the stores. it's probably my second favorite to Fallen. Lots and lots of amazing sex in this one.

i took another trip to Haiti, for once returning to an area i had been before, and in doing that, i really understood the long lasting effects of what we do when we help. i saw progress everywhere, not just the community we spent our time in, but way beyond that. i'm already trying to plan another trip.

i spent my christmas holidays in canada, eating swiss chalet, drinking tim hortons and ice skating. it snowed a lot too, i ended up getting a white christmas, which i haven't had in awhile...i also managed to get REALLY sick while i was over there, and as i flew back home with a sinus, ear, and upper respiratory infection, i managed to rupture an eardrum. fast forward to new year's eve, which i spent in bed- and NOT in the good way.

the highlight of my year so far was the time i spent at the AEE Expo and the AVN Awards. Wicked hosted a party 3 out of 4 nights, we did an amazing press day, and i got the chance to meet lots of you in person that i had only spoken to online. i took a ton of pictures with people, and i'll post a few here later. we didn't do so well at the award show, and i was surprised. good news, though- Octomom Home Alone won Best Celebrity Sex Tape & i consider that a very personal triumph. ; ) Men in Black a Hardcore Parody took home a few awards, and Spartacus XXX won Best Parody Drama. we'll see what happens next of my goals this year is to finally direct at least 3 of the scripts i've been sitting on for the past 2 years. i need more time in my day. or a clone!

coming up, i'm shooting another instructional in my series jessica drake's Guide to Wicked Sex- this one is called Woman to Woman. it's a guide on how to make love to a woman...for women. the cast that i have lined up is absolutely amazing, and i can't wait to see  them in action.

IN BED with jessica drake, my radio show on Sirius/XM 102 has moved to a bigger, better studio. you can listen and call in- it's live on tuesdays 2pm PST.

due to scheduling issues and a somewhat cranky co-host (but dear friend) i am no longer doing my podcast, but you can hear past episodes and Rick's new show at the same place as before- apologies to all who listened to the show because of me, i will make it up to you in many ways.

i'll end this with a few pics of me from the red carpet at the AVN Awards. i missed you guys!

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