Friday, November 9, 2012

Last night...

Last night following the FSC Summit, I received the award for Positive Image Female Performer. Even though I was told a week or so ago, it was still really surreal. You all know the things I do, you've helped pitch in and support so many of my causes, and I want to really thank you for that.

As I was seated in the room that we were doing the awards in, I was up near the front, facing forward. Paul Fishbein presented me with my award & as I made my way up to the podium and turned around to face everyone, I absolutely lost my breath. In one second it dawned on me just how many very, very important, influential, long standing members of our industry were looking right back at me. I don't usually get nervous easily, but I think if you would have tapped me on the shoulder I would have fallen over. I somehow managed to not pass out as I made my way through something akin to an acceptance speech, and I thought I'd share it with you.

(first I thanked Paul. I still can't believe all those nice things he said were about me)

I'd like to thank the Free Speech Coalition - Diane Duke, Joanne Cachapero, the board, and all of the members. We all know that it's not an easy time in our industry right now, and we are grateful for all of the time, effort, and energy everyone puts in.

I really do owe this award to Steve O and my entire Wicked Pictures family for always supporting me & encouraging me to grow- not just as a performer, but personally as well. I have done some really amazing things both for and with Wicked, and as long as I am in this business I will continue to do just that. Sidenote- my decision to become much more active in charity work came about 4 years ago when Wicked sent me to Sexpo South Africa in Johannesburg I and spent time in Soweto afterward. I can literally remember the SECOND that my life changed, and if it wasn't for signing at a booth for Wicked at Sexpo, it wouldn't have happened. 

With the passing of Measure B last Tuesday, we as an industry should be reminded that the general public isn't quite as ready to embrace porn as we would like to have thought. We need to keep educating them on our industry. We have to continue to fight the stereotypes that they've held for so long. I try to do that every single day in one way or another, but the truth is, I'm not the only one. There are so many smart, strong women in this industry that lead by example- Nina Hartley, Candida Royalle, Jiz Lee, Tristan Taormino & more. These women are my inspiration & my idols. There is a new crop, too- Kimberly Kane, Kelly Shibari, Kylie Ireland, Kayden Kross, Bobbi Starr, Stoya, and other women using their voice everyday. They are amazing, and I am accepting this award to share with them.

Thank you.

PS- and as always, thank YOU. yes you, the one reading this right now. : )

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Syphilis Watch 2012

i have procrastinated writing this blog.

not the usual kind of procrastinating i do, like neglecting to rifle through a year's worth of paperwork to locate two missing bank statements for my accountant. the kind of procrastinating that i employ when i cannot bear to face something so large looming right over my shoulder breathing down my back. there's an elephant in the room, a monster under the bed, but guess what? the elephant has a name now, and the monster isn't hiding anymore.

as i'm sure most of you have heard, a performer tested positive for syphilis recently. though incredibly rare- i've never known of a single case since i've been in the industry- that in itself was no crime. what was a crime, however, is the fact that he (by his OWN admission) altered at least one test and did several scenes while he was positive. let that sink in for a moment.

that act was done with blatant disregard for EVERYONE in the industry. even the people he didn't have sex with. because of his actions, we are shut down until we understand the scope of this outbreak. talent cannot work. our crews cannot work. shoots have been cancelled, permits unused, locations unbooked- all at a great cost to everyone. being that he has been in our industry for 18 plus years, i am sure he understands now the consequences of his action, but that doesn't change the fact that the damage is done, and we are all paying the price.

i know how people in the business feel, it's been the topic of conversation since the news broke. there is a lot of anger, and rightfully so. in addition to that, we also must face the mainstream media who relish in the sensationalism of exposing more of the evils of pornography. from the LA Times, to the Huffington Post, from CNN to every lurker on Twitter, they are watching us duke it out in public forums with each other, adding fuel to the already rapidly spreading fire. the condom debate has been drawing to a close, and with the initiative on the ballot in a few months, it seems this is the proverbial final nail in the coffin.

whose fault is this?

it's easy to simply push it all onto the guilty party who forged a test so he could continue working, but let's take a look at his reasoning to understand the REAL issue.

he faked a test to keep WORKING. why? did he really need the money that much? did he truly have no other source of income? no fall-back money? after all that time in the business?

it's greed. GREED. coupled with deceit, greed is crippling the adult industry. just like the crash of the housing market, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, just like the (many) big banking scandals, it's happening to us. in big ways and in small ways. it happens when performers undercut one another to be the one that is hired for the scene. it's about the companies who only care about selling more content to stay afloat. the male performer showed up to a booking with a second stage syphilis rash (note- it has not yet been proven that he knew he was infected with syphilis at this point, but the pictures taken on set that day speak VOLUMES) he was wrong for showing up like that, the girl he worked with was wrong to work with him, the director/camera man was wrong to shoot him, and the company was wrong for editing and using the scene on their website. no, i will NOT post the photo gallery of the scenes, but it IS out there. yes, internet piracy has crippled us, that is indisputable. it's a self-destructive circle.

i walked off the set once many, many years ago when i was brand new to the industry because a potential scene partner had shown up with a questionable bump on his manhood. i didn't need the money that much, and i never will.

Performers- RESPECT YOURSELF. you only have one body, one life, one chance at this. you are worth more than whatever you are being paid for the scene.

we have failed as an industry. we have failed to take care of one another- at least that is how it appears to the outside world. we have (HE has) by example, shown that we cannot prevent things like this from happening...and by failing to successfully apply constraints, we have opened ourselves up to having those constraints forcibly applied by people that will never understand our industry. i do not want that to happen. now, more than ever, we need to forge ahead and unite to preserve our freedom to work in this industry...the industry that i still love and will continue to defend and protect.

this is MY test...yes. it's real.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

hey yous guys!

are you on the EAST COAST? here's your chance to come and get up close and personal with me at Sapphire. i'll only be there for ONE night, ONE show, one HELL of a party. you'll see me onstage, get a chance to meet me and get a free signed 8 x 10, PLUS you can even get a private one on one performance in one of the club's VIP rooms, and you know i give the very best dances your lap will ever have.

also, for those of you wanting to donate/help out with TEAM WICKED as we raise money for the 2012 AIDS WALK LA, i will be donating 100% of my stage tips to our general team page- so that's a GREAT reason to come out and make it rain all over my naked, writhing body. (like you really needed an excuse)

you can get more info, including details on some very special packages the club has to offer by going to

see you there...


Sunday, August 12, 2012


from last year, with my hat from the year before. i'm a repeat offender. ; )

it's that time of year again!

this year the AIDS WALK is happening on my BIRTHDAY- October 14th, and the only thing i want for my birthday is for you to support an amazing cause. not only am i doing the walk, but so are my WICKED sisters Stormy Daniels, Kaylani Lei, and Alektra Blue. you can make a TEAM WICKED donation, donate to me, someone else on our team, or EVERYONE else on our  team...just as long as you do it.

right now TEAM WICKED is in the TOP SPOT out of all of the teams, and out of all the personal donation pages, mine is third. that's huge news, and we still have two months. let's make this year our biggest yet.

for TEAM WICKED, click HERE.

for my personal donation page, click HERE.

it's my birthday, it's a great cause, and it's a tax write off.

thank you in advance.


Saturday, August 11, 2012

where to begin...

yes. that's the only bag i take.

It's been so long. I've been back a little over two weeks now, but between jet lag and everything I have to catch up with, procrastinating this blog has been easy. In fact, the only reason I'm finally writing it is because I'm on jury duty, and right now I'm sitting on a hard, cold bench outside the courtroom.

I decided to blog about my trip as I have some of my other parts. So much happened during the 3+ weeks I was gone, it's tough for ME to keep the details sorted out. Sometimes I have to check the camera roll on my iPhone to figure out when I left one place for the next. 

I seldom discuss my primary purpose for these trips- I think it goes without saying now that I have the worst case of wanderlust you will ever see, but I also have another passion- helping people. Many of the trips I take are solely for charity work. Work that I can't really go into detail about because of my occupation...sad but true. I knew the stigma and how it would affect me when I decided to pursue my career in adult. We can debate all day long about why it's unfair, and why the money I donate is just as green, or the fact that I work as hard as the next volunteer (if not harder) but those arguments have long since been made...and the bottom line is, at the end of the day, I AM a porn star. A catch 22 in this situation because there are few jobs that would make the money to enable me to travel the world and donate to charities. But I accept the double edge sword, and from time to time I lean against it's sharp edge to remind me I'm alive. i melodramatic of me. ; )
Back to Sri Lanka.

WHERE am I?!?

We were part of a really big build- our team was responsible for doing things like digging and backfilling foundations, doing brickwork, shoveling, hauling bricks, lots of really intense physical work. (Did i mention BRICKS?) With NO wheelbarrows & no power tools. It was hot. Like over 100 degrees, and the "monsoon season" we had been warned about was actually a drought. It was fantastic, though. We had one of the best teams ever. It's just so amazing that a group of strangers from all over the world of all ages and walks of life can come together and end up having so much in common. We all bonded over rice and curry, coconut milk straight from the source, and from sharing bug spray and hand sanitizer. AND ibuprofen.

there is no "I" in team...but there is a lot of sweat, dirt, bug spray, and occasionally blood.

We worked in a community that will have 25 completed homes with latrines and a community center. The families work along side us. We eat their food. Try to speak their languages. And we fall in love with them, with their children, as they shovel and haul bricks along with us. In bare feet.


Have a glimpse at parts of the build. For privacy reasons, I edit other volunteers out of the pictures, so I'm a bit limited. But you get the idea.

These are the specs for the houses, posted on the backs of each latrine. notice the square footage of the house and imagine there's a whole family living there...and the bathroom is outside. 

hauling all of these...

gave me these!

from this...

to this, a completed house.

In my next blog, you'll read about our two days of R & R- never in my life had I seen or done so much in 2 days! <3  


Monday, July 16, 2012

Still here...

Just checking in!
We had two days of R & R, without the rest and relaxation... We drove ALL over & saw some incredible stuff- the elephant orphanage, a tea plantation, the temple of the sacred tooth, a cultural dance, the golden temple, 5 caves, climbed lion rock, & more, all while logging some serious hours on a bus. A very bumpy bus, while dodging some of the craziest traffic I've seen.

Today we're back to work on the build. HARD. My back, shoulders, arms & neck are aching, but it's a good feeling. I can't believe I've been gone since the fifth, time has just flown by. I am craving a Starbucks, or at the very least, a drink with ice cubes. Or a snow cone... Or a Popsicle...or a slushie... Omg, my mouth is watering just typing those words.

In a week, I'll be in another country & the adventure continues!

miss you.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Miss you!

Hi guys-
I should have blogged before now, but my wifi connection is pretty infrequent. I'm about a week into my trip & I've hauled thousands of bricks, shoveled sand for hours on end & met some really great people.

I miss air conditioning, indoor eating, and starbucks, but I'm having the time of my life.


Tuesday, July 3, 2012

The Octo-Blog

well, obviously this blog was a long time coming. i'd love to take this chance to simply describe my involvement in a situation that many people love to speculate about, but few really have any legitimate knowledge about at all. i debated posting this blog, but decided that if nothing else, it makes for a damn interesting read.


see, the name alone elicits a response from just about everyone,  mostly negative. i get it. i too had my own opinions about the woman from the tabloids with 14 children. before i tell you what changed my mind, i'll tell you how it happened that i was her on-set "coach" during the filming of her movie.

after receiving so many offers from various adult companies, Nadya Sulemon saw an opportunity to indeed make a racy movie...but she wanted to be in complete control- to do it on her own terms. She didn't want to have sex with anyone else other than herself, but she wanted to explore her sexuality and push her boundaries a little bit. She and her management company approached my better/other half (the jury is still out on that one) Brad Armstrong, and asked him to style her for the shoot. being that his specialty is making women beautiful- he's been doing it for more that 20 years- he agreed, and not long after, he was asked to direct the project as well.

*now, i'm leaving out a LOT of details here. maybe i'll discuss them at a later date, or maybe i won't. no promises.

i met Nadya a few times at my house, as she came for makeup tests and wardrobe fittings. the first time we spoke, she became very real to me. not the person i saw in the tabloids. not the person i saw get really nervous and give some really "iffy" interviews that were edited to serve whatever purpose the interviewers or the networks had...but just a person. in an instant, i realized that my mistake was judging her. the EXACT same way that people judge me and most everyone in the adult industry. it made me rethink many things.

the morning of the shoot, i was speaking at UCLA. when i got home, the shoot was just beginning, and she was really nervous. i am, by nature, someone who feels most useful when i am helping someone. the people that know me really understand this. i could NOT watch her and not do something to help her. my first experience naked on camera was wonderful, as were most of my experiences in this business. i thought if she was going to take the plunge, it should be done the best way possible. so i helped her. coached her. explained things to her. reassured her. and let all of my judgement go. she had her first orgasm that day, and i'd be lying if i said i wasn't proud.

we didn't know then that Wicked would end up distributing the movie. the controversial situation doesn't exactly "mesh" with the reputation that we've worked so long to establish. however, when the deal was made, i agreed to keep helping her in whatever way i could. i owe this amazing career that i have to Wicked, and though i didn't understand the specifics of the deal, if they are behind the project, then so am i. i then went to NYC with Nadya, where we did Howard Stern, she did The View, and then we did Dr. Drew together. overall, i was impressed with the genuine way that people dealt with her. even if they were confrontational on camera, off camera they were concerned, thoughtful, compassionate. ahhh, ratings.

as a "thank you" to me for doing all of this for her and the project, last week Nadya agreed to be a guest on my Sirius/XM radio show. i made her feel comfortable, as opposed to caught in a trap. she gave one of the best, most candid interviews ever. at the end of the show as we were doing her "plugs", we were almost off air when she casually mentioned that the movie "Octomom Home Alone" was the MOST important thing for her to promote out of anything...because 100% of her cut from sales go directly into a trust fund for her children.

regardless of her past decisions or any assumptions i may have previously made about her, that statement floored me...and i learned something else from her- rarely do we ever know the whole story. when we fill in the blanks ourselves, we're bound to get something wrong.


Tuesday, June 26, 2012

OCTOMOM Home Alone- the press release

it's sure been an interesting past few months. i'm going to post the most recent press release to catch you up, but please know that a very personal blog is coming soon. it's hard for me to get my thoughts down and share them with you when things change so quickly every day & so much happens from one week to the next...but let's just say this has been a very eye-opening experience for me. so read below.

For Immediate Release | Nadya Suleman & jessica drake Promote "Octomom Home Alone" From Coast to Coast

Los Angeles, Calif. / New York, New York – (June 26, 2012) – In her recent radio hit New York, Grammy Winner Alicia Keys celebrates the iconic “Big Apple” for being “famous as a place for movie scenes.” Well, the “Capitol of the World” received a double dose of Hollywood style this past week as Nadya Suleman and Wicked Girl™ jessica drake descended upon Manhattan for a promotional blitz that saw them visiting such top-rated programs as The Howard Stern Show and ABC’s The View. The ladies took to the airwaves to promote the June 20th online premiere of Ms. Suleman’s Brad Armstrong-directed self-pleasure film Octomom Home Alone. And the PR juggernaut has continued in LA, with the ladies appearing on HLN’s Dr. Drew. Today will see Nadya joining Ms. drake on her on own Playboy radio show, In BED with jessica drake.
Of the ladies’ time on The Howard Stern Show, jessica enthuses, “Howard Stern was the perfect host – he already knew a lot about me and my career as an emerging sex educator. I gave my first interview on coaching Nadya on set and helped her ride the infamous Sybian. The show generated so much interest that the website kept crashing! My personal highlight of the show was when Howard dubbed me ‘the Vagina Whisperer!’”
Two illustrated features based on the ladies’ appearance on the show – Octomom Rides the Sybian and jessica drake, Porn Star and Masturbation Coach – have been posted at
Thursday June 21st found the ladies once again in the mainstream media spotlight as they visited the set of ABC’s top-rated talk show The View. “I was initially apprehensive, but meeting the ladies of the show put both Nadya and I at ease,” reveals jessica. “Sherri Shepard and Whoopi Goldberg were so friendly, and Elizabeth Hasselbeck was a very calming presence for Nadya. As I sat in the front row, I noticed how supportive the audience was, and all of my apprehension melted away as Nadya began one of her best interviews yet. Personally, I am pleased to have been a part of the experience – and meeting Whoopi Goldberg backstage was a moment I’ll never forget!”
The ladies are now back in Los Angeles, where they taped their Dr. Drew segment. “I found Dr. Drew to be a caring and compassionate person,” jessica says of the lively taping. “It’s obvious that he truly cares about Nadya and her family. Nadya handled herself beautifully and it was a great opportunity to dispel some of the myths and misconceptions people have about the adult industry.” Today will see Nadya joining jessica on her own Playboy Radio Show, In BED with jessica drake at 2:00 pm on Sirius 102. A limited number of callers will be able to speak to Ms. Suleman directly by calling (877) 205-9796.
A collection of explicit vignettes focusing on solo masturbation, Brad Armstrong’s stylish production features Ms. Suleman in a variety of erotic scenarios, with each taking playful aim at different aspects of the media-established “Octomom” persona. For Ms. Suleman, creating the video was ultimately a voyage of self-discovery. “I’m a more sexual being for having done this," she says of making the film. "It’s the most powerful and most liberating thing I’ve ever done.”
For her part, jessica is happy to speak to Ms. Suleman’s message of self-empowerment. “Being a part of Nadya’s tour to promote Octomom Home Alone was really wonderful. I’m impressed with her growing confidence during interviews, and from The Howard Stern Show to The View, she was very well received and treated with the utmost respect. I think that Brad Armstrong and Nadya both did a great job on this project, and people will be amazed when they see this side of her!”
Scenes from Octomom Home Alone can be viewed on A deluxe DVD release is slated for July 2012. 

Monday, May 28, 2012

Love Squirts...

well, if you wanted a "personal" blog from me, i'd say this is pretty personal. ; )

as i'm sure most of you know, I'm getting ready to shoot the next TWO instructionals for my series "jessica drake's Guide to Wicked Sex"- G Spot and Female Ejaculation and Anal Play for Men. as some of you may NOT know, i do 100% of these myself. the writing, the research, the casting, budget, catering, scheduling, paperwork, etc. i'm not looking for any "atta boys" for this, i just want to explain how hands-on i am with this line- pun intended, i suppose.

the ones i've done so far- Fellatio, Basic Positions, Anal Sex, Female Masturbation, and Threesomes- are things i have lots of personal experience in, and lots of knowledge about. however, although i have, on VERY few occasions "squirted", i've never done it to myself...and certainly not for lack of trying.

this seemed slightly hypocritical to me. how can i teach women how to give themselves G Spot orgasms if i can't do it? so the quest began...

obviously i understand the mechanics. i know what goes where. i can FIND my G Spot, i just can't work my own magic on it, but i sure tried. i tried fingers, toys, things that vibrated, things that didn't. i just couldn't. i think the harder i tried, the harder it got to reach my goal. i was getting frustrated, i began to sympathize with blue balls.

until a few days ago... i was driving my car and out of the blue i thought about the last time i squirted- how i wasn't TRYING to, i had no idea i was going to, it just happened. i was SO turned on by what was going on, my body just took over my brain and i had one of my strongest G Spot orgasms ever- and a blended orgasm. or 4. i came so hard that i was sore from it. the good kind of sore that reminds you what you've been up to.

i got home and still thinking about that, i got out a few toys that are always at arm's reach in my nightstand and came in about 45 seconds. then i did it again, about 2 minutes later. after that, i grabbed a G Spot toy that i had recently picked up at a convention. (somewhere in here i had the presence of mind to grab some towels) and i tried it out. i had just gotten off so hard and so fast right before that, i wasn't really thinking about getting off...


i'm more of a "gusher" than a projectile squirter, but let's just say it's a great thing those towels were there, or i would have been sleeping in the wet spot that night. it was awesome. it's not something i'd do all the time, but it was one of those outstanding Os. i felt so accomplished- which is how i hope lots and lots of women will feel after experiencing their first G Spot orgasm watching this next instructional.

just keep lots of towels nearby.
and perhaps a squeegee.


Tuesday, May 15, 2012

West Palm Beach

                     Come see me & satisfy your lap... do you want the secret word? Whisper "WICKED" in my ear for a FREE gift!

Monday, May 7, 2012


see. i promised details in another blog entry...
mark your calendars! 

Come meet me at CHEERLEADERS and get up close and personal... i'll be doing a show on Thursday and 2 shows on both Friday and Saturday. it's a perfect chance to meet me, get lots of FREE stuff, buy DVDs and Polaroids, PLUS get me on your lap for a World Famous Lapdance.

and that's not all... on May 10th, come help celebrate Cheerleaders 3rd Anniversary Party along with yours truly, Lisa Lisa, Naughty by Nature, and Clinton Sparks.

if you come to Cheerleaders and mention that you're a reader of my blog, just say the words "go team WICKED!" and get a special free gift- AND i might bring you up onstage with me. i'm not responsible for your dry cleaning bill, though. ; )


how YOU doin?

it seems like lately the personal blogs i'm writing are apologies for not writing personal blogs more often, but honestly, i have more irons on the fire than, well... not sure if i have a suitable analogy for that one. let's just say i'm busy as usual, and half of what i'm working my ass off on, i can't even tell you about until the official press release goes out. just know that it'll be worth the wait. THREE big things are coming soon. ; )

baltimore was a BLAST. dancing at Fantasies for you guys was awesome, i'm impressed with how many people were saying that they read this blog, listen to my podcast, listen to my radio show on Sirius. i love meeting you guys in person. next week i'll be in Pittsburgh at Cheerleaders, and then the following week, i'll be at T's Lounge in West Palm Beach. i'll post the details on another blog for you.

i did something this week that i'm really proud of. a few of you may already know about it, and tonight i gave up some hints on my podcast, which you can download from iTunes or right HERE. in the ever so thrilling world of podcasting, we got our first paid sponsor. yay us!! (now go buy their product.)

i'm getting ready to shoot two of my instructionals, so i'm doing a ton of research and writing, casting, budgeting, and shoot schedules. These are two i'm REALLY excited about...Anal Play for Men and GSpot/Female Ejaculation. just did a photoshoot for the whole line as well, i'm about to announce the launch of the website to go with the series... check it out here & let me know what you think.

on a side note, though i am an occasional squirter, i cannot seem to do it to myself... only with a partner. i have reached this conclusion through hours of strenuous "research", which is what i call what happened right before i took an hour-long "accidental" nap today...but hey, it's all just homework for my next instructional.

PERFECT excuse.


Sunday, April 29, 2012


LOS ANGELES, CA – (APRIL 27, 2012) – Something Wicked this way comes! While the release of Brad Armstrong’s blockbuster spoof Men In Black: A Hardcore Parody may still be several weeks away, four of the mega-production's hottest stars – Wicked Girls jessica drake, Kaylani Lei, Alektra Blue and AVN Best Actress India Summer – are treating  subscribers to an intimate, highly interactive and 100%live web event Monday night, April 30th at 8:00 PM ETZ.  Free for all site members, this sexy, high-tech experience will see the ladies joined by actor / filmmaker Armstrong and popular performer Eric Masterson.
From exciting clips that showcase the movie’s intense sensuality and state-of-the-art special effects, to a 100% live and truly out-of-this-world orgy, jessica, Kaylani, Alektra and India will give viewers a comprehensive tour through every erotic aspect of Armstrong’s latest big-budget spectacular. 
Much more than a mere webcam show, Monday night's event is being shot in true HD by a professional camera crew, giving lucky members unprecedented intimacy with the Wicked brand and priceless direct access to jessica, Kaylani, Alektra and India. 
Revealing question and answer sessions, fun games and exciting viewer request segments will be punctuated by the kind of hardcore mayhem that only the Wicked Girls can deliver. The night will also include an exclusive trivia contest, giving site members an exclusive opportunity to compete for exciting prizes.
At press time, Men In Black: A Hardcore Parody’s online debut is scheduled for May, with the DVD release following in early June
But thanks to Monday night's live spectacular, members will be the first viewers anywhere to experience the excitement, humor and boundless sensuality of the blockbuster production that's destined to be this year's most talked-about parody. ###
About Men In Black: A Hardcore Parody - Wicked Pictures and award winning director Brad Armstrong are proud to present Men In Black: A Hardcore Parody. Join the aliens and MIB personnel you know and love on an intergalactic adventure that's sure to tickle more than just your funny bone. Ride along as Agents J and K track down Estrella (jessica drake) an insatiable Vaginian who is snatching up female humans and aliens to use as breeding stock. Put your shades on and get ready to help save the universe. With its incredible cast, amazing special effects, intense sex and laugh-out-loud humor, Men In Black: A Hardcore Parody is sure to become an instant parody classic. Get ready for the best new adult movie this side of the Milky Way!
Cast: jessica drake, Kaylani Lei, Alektra Blue, Randy Spears, Brad Armstrong, India Summer, Isis Taylor, Mia Lelani, Misty Stone, Nicole Aniston, Eric Masterson, Ethan Hunt, Jack Vegas, Marco Rivera, Tommy Gunn, Tommy Pistol, Xander Corvus and James Bartholet.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

What you missed last night...

FANTASIES was crazy!
Thanks to everyone that came out- all my special peeps & my future special peeps. I made a lotta laps happy & tonight I'm gonna do it one more time...
Come see my last 2 shows, & the special deal stands- whisper "wicked" in my ear, get a FREE GIFT.


Friday, April 27, 2012


Here's a glimpse of me onstage at Fantasies in Baltimore last night...if you missed it, you still have tonight & Saturday, and I'll even do something special for you guys- if you come in either night & whisper "wicked" to me, I'll give you a FREE gift.

Because I love ya... ; )

Monday, April 16, 2012

Win a trip to HOLLYWOOD & dinner with yours truly!

guess what?
we're doing a really cool contest for Countdown...details below!

LOS ANGELES, CA – (APRIL 16, 2012) – If the mainstream news is to be believed, the end may soon be near. NASA nervously photographed unprecedented solar winds mere days ago, and this weekend alarmed scientists observed a 12 mile tall dust devil on Marsand discovered a ring of comets around a nearby star! The ancient Mayans predicted that the end of the world would befall us December 21st, 2012, but one just has to wonder - what would happen if Armageddon were to arrive a few months ahead of schedule? And more importantly, what would you do if you found out you only had mere days to live? 
These are the questions posed by Countdown, Brad Armstrong's upcoming end-of-the-world blockbuster for Wicked Pictures. And now, thanks to a new promotional contest, a short answer to those questions will give one lucky fan a chance to experience a celestial event firsthand with members of the Countdown cast in person May 20, 2012, when the Moon passes between the Earth and the Sun to create a partial eclipse.
Armstrong's movie follows several couples as they learn that an asteroid is on a collision course with Earth and may well end all life on the planet. With this concept in mind, fans are asked to write a short, one hundred word treatment or outline for a potential Countdownsequel. Does humanity perish or survive? What of those who make it to underground bunkers in time? Fans are invited to let their imaginations run wild and then submit their outlines to
The contest's winner will be announced in early May. In addition to having their treatment considered for possible future production byWicked, the winner will be flown to Los Angeles the weekend of May 20, 2012 to enjoy an afternoon at the iconic Griffith Observatorywith director Armstrong and Wicked Girl™ jessica drake.  A meal at Wolfgang Puck’s CafĂ© at the End of the Universe will be followed by a live viewing of the eclipse in real time via Griffith's formidable array of coelostat and solar telescopes. 
In addition to being one of the premier public observatories in the world, Griffith Observatory is also a popular science fiction filming location. From Star Trek: Voyager and The Rocketeer to such modern hits as Transformers and Terminator: Salvation, the iconic facility has served as a hub of sci-fi activity for over half a century.
The Countdown contest is now open; fans may submit entries (one per person) until midnight, April 28, 2012. The odds of winning depend on the number of entries received. All entrants must be 18 or older to qualify. No purchase necessary. Void where prohibited. Offer only valid in the continental United States. 

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

seminars & signings!

good news for everyone in florida... i have TWO seminar/signing combos coming up soon, plus i seem to enjoy naked ocean swimming at 4am every time i'm there. it's tradition. win/win!

here's info for the first appearance:

April 20th
Premier Adult Factory Outlet
5009 South Orange Blossom Trail
Orlando, Florida

come out and meet me from 7pm-11pm
from 7pm-8pm i'll be doing a seminar for couples, and then from 8pm-11pm i'll be signing autographs, giving away FREE stuff, selling DVDs and Polaroids and more. check out their WEBSITE to see more.

On April the 21st, I will be doing the same thing in TAMPA, so stay tuned for more details.


Tuesday, March 20, 2012

get WICKED with us in Sin City!

guess what? we had SO much fun at Vanity at the Hard Rock during AEE that we're going back... and this time, you can join us. i'll be there with Alektra Blue and Kaylani Lei, my favorite partners in crime.

for more info, check out Vanity's site HERE!