Monday, October 7, 2013

To 28E, c/o XXX Church

To 28E, c/o XXX CHURCH

After an amazing trip to South Africa that led straight to Exxxotica NJ, I was exhausted. I decided to change my flight and leave directly after my shift today, just to have a little breathing room before Tuesday. Although I do believe that everything happens for a reason, little did I know what United 1224 flight had in store for me.

I always book window seats, because I love to curl up and read, and as I settled in, a girl in her twenties sat down next to me. Soon after, a guy sat down in the aisle seat. They began a bit of that polite airplane banter that only existed to me as background noise, until he asked what she did for a living. 

"I do ministry work."

My ears perked up, because sometimes I encounter ministry volunteers when I travel and we often trade stories about non-profits & NGOs in other countries that need help. But THEN, I couldn't believe what came next.

"I minister to people in, uh... porn, so I've been dealing with SKETCHY PORN STARS at some convention for the last few days, so..." *she shudders, disgusted* (The guy, who may have even been an attendee of Exxxotica, looks intrigued.)

I felt a fiery hot sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach. This was supposed to be 5 1/2 hours of peaceful reading in the sky, relaxing on my way home to sleep in my own bed after a busy (but awesome) 2+ weeks. She is seated SIX INCHES away from me. I am FURIOUS, and I know I am about to explode if I stay quiet.

"I AM one of those sketchy porn stars", I exclaim rather loudly. She turns, surprised. Many other people in surrounding rows turn around too, curious to know what a 'sketchy porn star' looks like. "and that's not very Christian of you."

She turns and looks me in the face, wide eyed. "What's your name?" (as if my name mattered to her then. It may matter NOW, as I tweet about our exchange to almost a quarter of a million people, blog about it, and discuss it on my RADIO SHOW next week.)

I did tell her and she responded with something like I wasn't wearing makeup so she didn't know it was me or some nonsense. I just stared at her as she tried in vain to dig herself out of her hole. I turned away and stared out the window as we taxied down the runway, considering my options. In the meantime, she began nervously chatting to the guy about how she's been working so hard at the show and seeing all the women being so mistreated by all the men and it upsets her sooooo much. Poor souls. 

Minutes later, to me: "I'm sorry. I don't know why I said that. I guess I was trying to be cool." 

I look at her again. "XXX Church, right?" She nods. "I recognize you. You came by our booth." Now she knows I know the group she works with. I began to loudly explain how she was passing judgement and had no business doing so. As I do this, I understand that my spoken words will never be enough to express to her how upset I am. So I decided to write her a letter instead. 

Dear 28E,

Since we're about to spend some time together, allow me to introduce myself. I'm jessica drake. I've been in the adult business now for over 10 years as a performer, writer, director, and Sex Educator. I am not a victim. I am not mistreated. I am not an addict. I was not sexually abused. Men do not mistreat me. I am not exploited. 

You told me you don't know why you said what you said...but I do. 

You said it because you're a hypocrite. You may have said it because you're brainwashed. I'm sure it wasn't the first time you've spoken that way about us. You said it to a perfect stranger on an airplane within 3 minutes of meeting him, and I can only imagine the things that you say to others within your organization. Your hypocrisy is, in part, my issue with organized religion. I have more spirituality and compassion in the fingers that I'm using to type this out on my iPad than you have in your whole body. I hope this lesson might be the catalyst that helps you change that.

In just a few sentences, you have shamed us, judged us, and attempted to influence a stranger with your skewed reality. In the name of JESUS.

You are representing XXXChurch. There are only 2 viable explanations:

A. You are parroting their beliefs and feelings about porn stars, in which case your promotional stickers you pass out at our sex conventions should read "Jesus loves porn stars...but WE think they're icky"

B. You are sharing your own very personal feelings about porn performers, and should NOT be publicly representing XXX Church.

Throughout Exxxotica, I was not mistreated once, but sitting next to you, I feel utterly violated. I am more offended sitting next to a hypocrite than you ever would have been seated next to a PORN STAR, and believe me, right about now I'd rather be out on the wing than in this seat beside you. At the very least, I am hopeful this will be a learning experience for you...and if not you, then perhaps for the public, the people at XXX Church and the shows that allow you access to us, like Exxxotica.


The Sketchy Porn Star

Sunday, September 22, 2013

on the road again!

leaving in just 6 hours for the airport, heading to SEXPO South Africa Joburg! i'll be there signing for Adult World and Wicked Sept. 26-29th and THEN i'm going straight on to EXXXOTICA NJ October 4-6th!

don't miss the chance to meet me, take pics, maybe even get some movies. mention you read it here on my blog, and there's a FREE treat in it for you.

see you there!



it's AWESOME...

UNDERWORLD is my newest movie from Wicked Pictures and very well may be my new favorite. here's the (softcore) trailer. enjoy!

it's up on now, and it will be on shelves very soon.


Friday, September 6, 2013


there has been a third performer found to be HIV positive, and the moratorium has been reinstated. my heart goes out to that person and every person affected. it can always be any of us, at any time.

i implore you, as fans, fellow performers, media, and outsiders looking in-

please hold your comments, accusations, generalizations, assumptions, or anything else you do not know as FACT.

if you feel obligated to do something or say something, offer your SUPPORT.

i appreciate the concern you have expressed for me. i assure you that i have not been shooting, and as i stated in a previous blog, i will not shoot again until i feel that it is the right time. 

performers, there are many things that you can do to generate income-
feature dance, house dance, online auctions, work on your website, solo girl cam shows, solo skype shows, set up an online store for custom video clips and personal merchandise. 

also consider using this downtime to do something that will help you plan for your future.

invest in yourself. step away and practice some self care. relax and take a little break. take a deep breath.  take care of yourselves.


Wednesday, September 4, 2013


hi guys!

i asked my TWITTER FOLLOWERS last week if they had any interest in Skype shows, and the response was pretty solid. i'm not convinced that this is something i'm going to do regularly, but i'm going to do something really special for a very limited time, as an incentive for you to donate money to a GREAT CAUSE- Aids Walk LA!

for the next week, when you donate $250 to my personal page, you will get a 20 minute Skype session with me for free. it's a tax write off, and a very important cause to everyone. when you make your donation, i will email you to discuss important details and set up a time that works best for you- i'm super flexible... but if you don't believe me, you'll find out just how flexible during our Skype show. ; )
(i think that last line was borderline creepy, lol)

help TEAM WICKED beat last year's record & do something really nice for yourself too.


Sunday, September 1, 2013

Michigan Seminars

BIG news for Michigan!

i'm heading your way for TWO seminars for our friends at Cirilla's- join me at both for evenings of sexy exploration with lots of great info, tips, demos, Q & A sessions, giveaways AND a meet and greet afterwards with photo opportunities.

Thursday Sept. 12th- 7PM
Oral Sex for COUPLES
1050 E. Sternberg Road
Norton Shores, MI

Friday Sept. 13th- 7PM
Anal Sex 101
3525 Plainfield Ave. NE
Grand Rapids, MI

you can also get more details from Cirilla's TWITTER or HERE, but chances are, you're already following  me. ; )

there will also be many chances to hear me on the radio during my time in Michigan, and i'll make sure i tweet those for you.


Monday, August 26, 2013

it starts with me.

for WEEKS i have agonized writing this blog.

when the Hep C situation recently reared it's ugly head, i started to write. i'd pour my thoughts and feelings out, then go back and edit. delete and rewrite. rewrite yet again. i tried to get more facts, and then i kept writing. while it was still just a saved draft, before i had even worked up the discipline to finish it and hit "publish post", i learned about the current HIV situation, and in an instant, i was hit with the same exact feeling i had back in 2004 when i found myself just FOUR days away from being on a first-generation quarantine list. i don't think you ever forget that tingling shock, that sinking in the pit of your stomach when you think that life as you know it has ended.

right now we are supposedly in the middle of a moratorium. safeguards are in place to notify and (hopefully) support the person/people who is/are affected by this horrible tragedy, but let me remind you...this moratorium does nothing unless we are taking into account the HUMAN factor in all of this and realize that NO ONE knows what ANYONE really does in their off-camera time.

look at us, as an industry.

we are SHAMING a girl whose life is changed forever. it could have been me. you. any of us.

we are unjustly pointing fingers, judging and blaming people.

we are attacking each other online and in public forums right in the sights of mainstream media.

we are going on crazy, hate-driven rants on blogs calling people names and making accusations and threats, totally destroying our credibility, and forwarding the stereotypes about the mental stability (or lack thereof) in this industry.

there have been several mentions of unionizing, and while this may be good in theory, in practical application, the likeliness of it being run fairly is nil.

personally, i think that in order to effect change, it has to begin on an individual level.

*right now, i do not feel comfortable shooting. i will not shoot until i do.

*i will, as a performer, require a test for HIV, Hep B & C, chlamydia, gonorrhea, syphilis, and trichomoniasis that is newer than 14 days from my on screen partners. i will do my due diligence and check it's validity.

*as a director, i will require my talent to have tests newer than 14 days. period.

*if i am told by an agency that this means i will pay a higher rate for a performer, i will not continue to book through that agency.

*as always, i will continue to adhere to a specific list of talent that i am willing to work with. i will continue to add or remove people at MY discretion.

you can do this too. make your own guidelines. we have to lead each other and help each other. not by hate speech and shaming and dueling unions, but by strength...and willpower...and by example. EDUCATE yourself about the risks that you take on and off camera, and make informed decisions with YOUR best interest at heart because chances are, no one else will. we can be mentors and support one another. i'm not perfect, none of us are. i will not judge you. i'm no doctor, either, nor do i claim to be- but if there is ANYTHING i can do to help you- answer a question, talk with you, listen to you, support you in any way, reach out to me. if you do not have my number, DM me. and if you don't need support, then lend some to someone else.

FUCKING STAND UP for yourselves. in closing, i will quote an article i wrote about the SYPHILIS incident last year:

"Performers- RESPECT YOURSELF. you only have one body, one life, one chance at this. you are worth more than whatever you are being paid for the scene."

Monday, August 19, 2013


as you know, it's that time of year again, and i'm going to start offering some serious rewards for helping me and TEAM WICKED raise money for AIDS WALK LA!

here's the deal- donate $50 and get a special THANK YOU package from me, complete with autographed Wicked movie and another special gift.

you MUST be 18 or over, and it must be legal for me to ship to you.

it's a tax write off, PLUS you're getting awesome porn. win/win!!

go HERE to donate to my page. i will begin shipping on WEDNESDAY of this week.

thanks for your help!!


last year's AIDS WALK LA

Thursday, August 15, 2013


...that you are looking for.

however, while i am writing and deleting and writing and deleting and rewriting, i thought i'd share some happy news for you (happier if you actually live in california or can get here)

on AUGUST 22, 23, and 24 i'll be dancing at the Blue Zebra Cabaret here in LA! one show thursday- and this is their Sexy 80's Party (see below) and two on both friday and saturday- PLUS on saturday i'll be donating 100% of my last show, tips, and promo to TEAM WICKED- and that means that after you're done watching my movies at home, you can come to the Blue Zebra and get the real thing naked on your lap AND if you come on saturday night, it's for an ESPECIALLY great cause.

i'll see you there. ; )

Sunday, August 4, 2013


guess what??

it's that time again...

TEAM WICKED is getting ready to do AIDS WALK LA for the second year in a row! As you may remember, we had an AMAZING success last year raising all kinds of money to support this very important cause...but this year, we want to do even better. Coming soon will be a press release with all of the important details, but I wanted to give you guys the chance to take advantage of an early-donation incentive. With a donation of $20 or more, you will get an autographed 8x10 of yours truly shipped anywhere in the world, PLUS a mention on twitter, if you so desire. 
Here's the link to MY personal page.

There will be other incentives to come, one of the biggest being the chance to walk with us, and if you're REALLY cool, even come to brunch (which will also be my birthday party) with the crew!

Whether you make your donation to me, another member of the team, or TEAM WICKED in general, it's tax deductible, it's for a great cause, and we'll love you for it. If you can't donate (and we understand that times are tough) you can still help us! you can email, tweet, facebook, myspace (who does that anymore?!?) or use word of mouth and let your friends know about us. we'll love you for that too. ; )

thanks to everyone who donated so far. we are grateful.


Friday, August 2, 2013

X3Sixty Treats!

i know, you're going to get spoiled with all these blog posts. ; )

my friends over at X3Sixty have done quite a few interviews and pieces on me, and i thought you might like to see them.

I hosted their AVN Red Carpet, along with Nicki Hunter & there is SO much to see here:


(and yes, i'm feeling MUCH better. thank you to everyone who has been checking on me. )


Tuesday, July 30, 2013


while I was away, the folks over at CNN released a great piece on me that we did awhile back, during the shooting of my movie "Tuff Love" for Wicked Pictures. I was a little hesitant at first when they approached me because as we all have seen, mainstream media often only wants the "train wreck" part of our business. I decided to let them into my private life to give the world a realistic look at my day to day life, both on set and at home... and i have to say, i'm glad i did.

my sincere thanks to Abbey, Chris, and everyone at CNN.

you can see the article HERE.


Sunday, July 28, 2013


wow, must be a record...only a month has passed since my last blog. ; )

Thailand was awesome. I kicked off my trip with four days in Bangkok, and despite what people told me, i really enjoyed it. i think it's all a matter of where you stay and what you do, and though i did see plenty of lady boys and a ping pong show* i'll never forget, i also did a bunch of other stuff. a bike ride through the jungle, breakfast with monks, a tiger conservation, riding on and swimming with elephants, and some temple roaming. LOTS of temple roaming. here's a few pics, the elephant pics will have to come later.
temple of dawn (wat arun)

the temples were amazing. i have HUNDREDS of pictures of them, buddhas, stupas, ruins, enough for a coffee table book. i saw the biggest reclining buddha in the world at Wat Pho, and climbed the Temple of Dawn, pictured at the left. it's really high and REALLY steep. good thing i like that.

releasing a sky lantern. this would not be ok in LA.

These sky lanterns took my breath away. they were lit and let go over a lake after dark, and they went so far and you could see them for so long with their flames burning bright. i've sailed little floating flower basket lanterns down the ganges river in india, and this reminded me of that, as they got farther and farther away in the sky.

One weekend i also got to go to the capitol of Laos, called Vientianne. this picture was taken at a stupa called Pha That Luang, and it's the national monument of Laos. it's huge, but this is the only picture i have that i'm actually IN.

now THAT was the relaxing touristy part of my trip. the other two and a half weeks were spent sweaty, dirty, achy, and exhausted, just the way i like it. i won't bore you with too many of those pictures of me looking not so hot, but here are two of my favorites:

i LOVE to shovel dirt/rocks/sand/etc...but the bottom half of this hole was CLAY. (that's how i keep my arms and shoulders pumped when i can't do pop physique classes.) trust me when i say that's a f'n deep hole...but i had help.

instead of ME getting laid, these bricks are getting laid. bricks, bricks, and MORE BRICKS.

The trip was awesome in every way. i can't wait till the next one. i already know where it will be, and i'm already thinking of the one AFTER that. worst case of wanderlust EVER.

I got home a little over a week ago and i was planning on a little me time so i could lay low and recover from my jet lag and properly bathe before i'm out in public (honestly, you should see my nails...and my roots.) HOWEVER, courtesy of the slimy, sick, germy guy sitting next to me on the flight from Taiwan to LAX, instead, i came down with pneumonia. i went to my doctor worried that i might have gotten dengue or malaria and after she heard me cough she ordered a chest x-ray. and as much as i hated it, i took a course of antibiotics and pretty much slept for a few days straight. as you might guess, very few things piss me off like being told i can't do anything. i'm really bad at taking it easy, but in the battle of me vs. pneumonia, i surrendered. i feel much better now.**

All this next week i'll be getting back to normal(ish) with the return of IN BED, my live show on PLAYBOY RADIO & very soon you'll be able to download past episodes. i'm live at 12 noon on Tuesdays, have a listen. i'm sure i'll be talking about the trip some more. in other exciting news, i have seen the very first rough cut of UNDERWORLD, and you're going to love it. Sexpionage is the newest movie i have out, and it's been on WICKED.COM for almost a week. i have a local dance booking coming at the end of august, i'll post that info shortly, and in the meantime, now that i can get back to work, i'll getting ready to direct two more of my instructionals plus hopefully a feature that i've been wanting to do for awhile now...i'm SO motivated. : D

i missed you guys!


*the ping pong show will most likely be a huge part of my radio show on tuesday, and could even evolve into it's very own blog entry. let's just say it's really too bad there was no hidden camera.

** yes, i do feel better, and i figure i owe ya'll some gratuitous t & a pics, just gimme a few days to look a little uhhhhh...more clean/relaxed/together.

Sunday, June 30, 2013


if this were new year's, my resolution would be to blog more. oh well. i'll catch you up anyway, then go back to cramming three weeks worth of things into a backpack.

so where were we? right...i've been working. shooting movies (Sexpionage and Underworld) giving workshops, speaking at universities, dancing, doing appearances, live XXX chats, writing and directing more movies in my Guide to Wicked Sex line, doing my radio show on playboy radio, and more. some of you have shown up to see me and told me that you've talked to me on twitter or my radio show & i have to tell you, i LOVE putting faces to screen names. for that i thank you!

also, we just got TEAM WICKED involved in AIDS WALK LA once again, and we're bringing the big guns. the teams is already bigger with higher goals, and we're just getting started. visit our page and support the team HERE. i know that Kaylani is rewarding donors with signed 8 x 10s, and the ULTIMATE hero reward can be yours if you donate $500 or more (plus find your way to LA) you'll get the chance to walk with the entire team PLUS if you're really cool we'll also let you attend the after walk brunch/bday party. more details to follow.

so's adventure time again! this means that i take off for parts unknown, roam the world, do some good stuff, and you get some cool pics down the line. feel free to peruse my archives here for blogs about other adventures past. you can also keep up with me via my twitter, which is most likely what got you here, but just in case, it's

i'll leave you with a picture from one of my favorite scenes in Underworld. who am i kidding?? they're ALL my favorite scenes. but i'll tell you about that later. hopefully before 4 months pass again. ; )


(i'm the naked one on the bottom)

and THIS is what i should be finishing right now.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013


I'm spending the day getting ready for my next trip- tomorrow i leave for a series of workshops at FASCINATIONS in Arizona. "Getting ready" involves everything from packing my regular stuff to somehow figuring how best to organize things that *might* draw the attention of the TSA...and by *might*, i mean wow, they sure can wreck a bag of dildos, lubes, enemas, movies, and more. all in the name of national security, no doubt. ; )

so what exactly happens at these workshops?

check out this post for more details.

here's the what, where and when:

Feb 7th  Anal 101- Just the Tip(s) - open to men and women
7:00-8:30 PM
8367 W Mc Dowell Rd
Tolleson, AZ 85353

Feb 8th  Female Masturbation- ladies only, but men can still shop!
838 W Elliot Rd
Tempe, AZ 85284

Feb 9th  The ABCs of BJs- open to single women or women and men
7337 East Shea Blvd
Scottsdale, AZ 85258

so if you're in the neighborhood, come out, ask some questions, learn something, meet me, take some pics, and have a great time. and if you work for the TSA...go easy on me! i need those dongs for demonstration purposes.


Tuesday, January 29, 2013

WICKED WORKOUT coming 1-30-13

                Work up a sweat with the WICKED girls! 

Join me, Kaylani Lei, Alektra Blue, the newest Wicked girl Samantha Saint PLUS special guests as we make it hot for you during one of our infamous live XXX chats where you get to interact with us. How long can YOU last? grab some LUBE and give those biceps a workout, Wicked style. This XXX chat begins at 12:45 PST and is FREE for members of!

*the FIRST guy that says "i saw it on" during the live show gets something really special...don't miss out*

Friday, January 25, 2013

why hello 2013...

how does so much time pass without a blog here?

i'll tell you. blogs on Guide to Wicked Sex, advice columns, guest spots in magazines, countless interviews, and everything else!

busy is good. i love busy. i'll give you a quick recap of the last few months, and then i'll promise (again) to not make you wait so long til my next blog here.

i shot an amazing movie called $EX for Wicked. Brad Armstrong directed it, and soon it'll be on for members before it hits the stores. it's probably my second favorite to Fallen. Lots and lots of amazing sex in this one.

i took another trip to Haiti, for once returning to an area i had been before, and in doing that, i really understood the long lasting effects of what we do when we help. i saw progress everywhere, not just the community we spent our time in, but way beyond that. i'm already trying to plan another trip.

i spent my christmas holidays in canada, eating swiss chalet, drinking tim hortons and ice skating. it snowed a lot too, i ended up getting a white christmas, which i haven't had in awhile...i also managed to get REALLY sick while i was over there, and as i flew back home with a sinus, ear, and upper respiratory infection, i managed to rupture an eardrum. fast forward to new year's eve, which i spent in bed- and NOT in the good way.

the highlight of my year so far was the time i spent at the AEE Expo and the AVN Awards. Wicked hosted a party 3 out of 4 nights, we did an amazing press day, and i got the chance to meet lots of you in person that i had only spoken to online. i took a ton of pictures with people, and i'll post a few here later. we didn't do so well at the award show, and i was surprised. good news, though- Octomom Home Alone won Best Celebrity Sex Tape & i consider that a very personal triumph. ; ) Men in Black a Hardcore Parody took home a few awards, and Spartacus XXX won Best Parody Drama. we'll see what happens next of my goals this year is to finally direct at least 3 of the scripts i've been sitting on for the past 2 years. i need more time in my day. or a clone!

coming up, i'm shooting another instructional in my series jessica drake's Guide to Wicked Sex- this one is called Woman to Woman. it's a guide on how to make love to a woman...for women. the cast that i have lined up is absolutely amazing, and i can't wait to see  them in action.

IN BED with jessica drake, my radio show on Sirius/XM 102 has moved to a bigger, better studio. you can listen and call in- it's live on tuesdays 2pm PST.

due to scheduling issues and a somewhat cranky co-host (but dear friend) i am no longer doing my podcast, but you can hear past episodes and Rick's new show at the same place as before- apologies to all who listened to the show because of me, i will make it up to you in many ways.

i'll end this with a few pics of me from the red carpet at the AVN Awards. i missed you guys!