Thursday, June 30, 2011


Here goes...
As it starts, my flight was delayed by 3 hours, but at least I found out last night. (thanks, flight tracker app!) and now I guess I'm in Dubai overnight after this 16 hour flight. I'm taking the first flight into Kenya in the morning, but I still won't be there till the 2nd. : o

I'm SO excited. I hope I brought everything.

Hey, for those reading this that have me phone number, try out the What's App- it's an awesome travel app & it's free on my end so I can send pics, text, my location, even video. Just download it & if I'm in your contact list, you'll see me on there. Hit me up!

I'm a little sad to leave. I'll miss my people, y'all, my radio show (which will still be on, just replays) and doing my podcast. While I'm gone, a new FREE podcast will go up every Tuesday & Thursday, so don't miss those. I expect to be in the top 10 on iTunes when I get back.
; )

Keep checking back for updates...


Wednesday, June 29, 2011


And here- one last pic so you can tell how big my backpack is. ; )

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Packing- after

Wow...that's it...the only thing of mine in the green bag is my compressed sleeping bag, pillow, & body pad.

Packing- before

How little can I take for a month? the big green bag to the far left is full of baby clothes to be donated, along with a HUGE cardboard box of bigger kid's clothing and shoes that's already downstairs. Of course there's gonna be a huge carry-on of electronics too.
Omg. A day & 8 hours to go, and i gotta figure out my water purifier and mosquito netting canopy...

get IN BED with me!

i found out this morning that i have an especially good guest IN BED with me today...DANA DEARMOND! she's known as "The Internet's Girlfriend" and if you don't know why, she'll be talking about that, sharing some of her anal expertise, and much much more. tune in and count the number of times i smarmily hit on her. ; )

IN BED with jessica drake
TODAY! Tuesday, 2-4pm PST
Playboy Radio Sirius/XM 102
877-205-9796- call us LIVE!

check out Dana's twitter HERE. she's one of my favorite people to follow. i've never muted her, hehehe.


Monday, June 27, 2011

my weekend

...was really busy and over before i knew it. i figured i'd smoosh the two days together for the blog. i did a lot! i'd cleaned out my closet (yet again) and started off by taking the stuff downtown to an amazing organization called the DOWNTOWN WOMEN'S CENTER- they were having some kind of an event so i got to hang out for a few. they have a store right next door called Made, which is a cool coffee shop/gift shop where many of the women housed at the center are involved in making things to resell. 100% of the profits go to the center.

after that, i decided to check out the Dwell home show in the LA Convention Center. usually when i go to a convention, it's an adult one with sex everywhere and i'm wearing little outfits standing in high heels for 6-8 hours with lines of fans and lots of cameras... it was kinda weird, i felt like i was playing hooky.
found lots of really cool stuff there...but this guy was my favorite:
his name is Sasaki, and he's a Japanese artist doing this project for the Japanese Reconstruction Fund. he hooked up people to a heart monitor and drew their heartbeats. <3 

after that, it was time for my recent favorite place, the dogpark. i have figured out (after almost 2 YEARS) that if i take Big there, he usually lets me sleep in. i should explain that i'm nocturnal...i'm so much more productive and creative at night. when i got him, though, his little furry ass would wake me up at 7 am everyday...7:30 is sleeping in now. : O i can't be mad at him, he's just so f'n happy to start a new day, so what can i do? i scramble to find my pants & take him for early walks, with me staggering around the neighborhood running into bushes and mailboxes. until now. i take him to a dogpark that has a special place for smaller dogs, and i let him run around and sniff butts for 2 hours while i make calls and return emails. the only downside to that is that sometimes, my phone conversations can get a little X rated... i think i said the words ANAL and COCK a little loud last time, when i was talking to my editor. oops.
after that was sushi for dinner, which i can't get enough of. this morning, Big woke up early anyway, though to his credit it was 8, not 7. of course i got up anyway, put on pants (kinda), took him for his "walk of 100 pees", and then got back in bed, put him in a headlock, and we fell asleep again until 11. that's a first, lol. finally i got up, got breakfast, and headed to long beach. i've been wanting to check out little Cambodia down there. ever since going to Siem Reap last year, i just can't get enough of the food, and i read that some of the best restaurants were right there. i also wanted to find a RELIABLE translator to do my Khmer backpiece. i wandered there awhile, and then ended up at the aquarium. i saw a ton of fish, which i'm sorry to admit made me want more sushi. i also saw sharks, sea lions, otters, lobsters almost as big as me, and jellyfish...which i just love & a ton of other stuff. they also have lorakeets, which is kinda weird being that it's an aquarium, but they sell little cups of sweet nectar & you can use that as bait so they'll come land on you and drink it. 

all that walking around made me hungry & i felt too guilty to eat sushi, and besides i had it last night, and i really wanted to try out little Cambodia's cuisine. urban spoon & yelp sent me to a place called Siem Reap, and since that was where i visited for a few weeks last year, i took it as a sign. holy shit, it was amazing. i had the Amok Trey, which is a fish curry with coconut milk. OK, I KNOW. it's still fish. sheesh, sorry, lol. anyway, it was exactly the same as i had eaten in Cambodia. i got boba too, and some kind of mango tapioca warm pudding stuff that i sucked right down. i would make that drive again, just to eat there.

on the way home, i decided to go see Bad Teacher to top my weekend off. it's not quite as funny as Bridesmaids, but wow. cameron diaz did an amazing job playing the part. she was so hot...trashy...with great shoes. yum. go see it. it's worth it, just to hear her say cock. mmmmm.

so, it's technically monday. i leave on thursday. oh my god! i'm packed but i still have lists of stuff i gotta do. tomorrow's gonna be one busy day. and so is tuesday...and wednesday. 

and HEY!! since it IS monday, the latest STFU SHOW podcast is up. have you heard any of em? do you subscribe to the show? it's free, and you can find it on Stitcher Radio, Itunes (we're even on the "new and noteworthy" list) or you can just go HERE! they're really funny, and you never know what you'll hear, but you know it'll be good. the show also has a TWITTER, and we do follow back.

ok, y'all, time for bed.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

my appreciation

i may or may not post later tonight, but i want to take this opportunity to say thank you to everyone reading my blog... the traffic is seriously amazing. i started it so y'all could keep up with me during the month i'll be out of the country, but to my surprise it's really taken off. because of you.


Friday, June 24, 2011

Friday's Featured FILF! (Friend I'd Like to...)

photo courtesy of Kaylani Lei

every friday i'm giving you a friend i'd like to, well, you know. this week it's a girl that's not only one of the coolest chicks to have as a friend, but she's pocket size, so she travels really well. ; ) you may recognize her from many Wicked movies like Accidental Hooker, Eye of the Beholder, 2040, Foursome, Blind Date, The Perfect Getaway, Speed, and Girl's Wicked Pictures contract star Kaylani Lei!

so here's how this works, in case you weren't paying attention last time- i'll give you three facts about her from my viewpoint, then she'll do the same about herself. here are mine:

1. Kaylani has, hands down, the BEST fashion sense of anyone i know. she could easily be a stylist, wardrobe consultant, or professional personal shopper.
2. She does not ride a camel well. (hey, she can do everything else, so who cares, right?)
3. She's in a scene with me in SEXY, and it's the best girl/girl scene i've done in quite awhile. seriously.

and these are hers:

1. i never wear matching socks.
2. i once wore a "booty pop" (padded ass) under my gown at the AVN awards (editor's note: i can attest to that, i was actually there when she bought it & told her it looked great.)
3. i used to wear headgear and a retainer.

even i didn't know about the matching sock thing, or lack thereof, but at least now i know what to get her for christmas...and it's really crazy to think of this gorgeous girl in headgear, but apparently it paid off. and speaking of "paying off", if anyone has pics of her in such headgear, i WILL pay you for em, hehehe. but seriously, she's awesome, i <3 her, and her ass is perfect. without the Booty Pop.

for more of Kaylani, check out her websiteWicked's website, follow her on Twitter, or take her home with you. 

Thursday, June 23, 2011


all day grin. ; )

i meant to blog yesterday, but never quite got around to it. i was too busy having what just happened to be one of the greatest days ever...not that life exactly sucks the rest of the time, but seriously. i should have gone to vegas or played the lotto.

i woke up to not one amazingly good email, but two. the one that i can mention was the confirmation from the tour group that is helping me with the kilimanjaro climb. initially i was going to do the Marangu, or the Coca Cola Route, which promises to be gentle and allows it's climbers to sleep in concrete huts along the way. somewhere in the middle of all of this, i decided to do the Machame Route. i'll be sleeping in tents on the mountain. whether or not i'm nuts is debatable, please reserve judgement till i get back. ; )

the other email came in right after that confirmation. it was something that i was REALLY hoping for. that's about all i can say. you'll know in time. that one thing alone made my day. the rest was just icing on the cake really. i was golden all day! both of my travel visas came in for the 2 countries i'll be in, my contacts arrived (somehow at the last minute i discovered i didn't have enough for my trip. doh!) i'm really anemic- that's a very long story for another blog- but i just had a CBC done and a physical for my trip, i got my results yesterday, and everything came back perfect. i then had an amazing radio show with the gorgeous Chanel Preston, who was the perfect guest. afterward, i took Big to the dog park, then went to the shooting range with Brad and Mark, then out to dinner, and finally, back home where i watched the first screener for the third instructional in my line "jessica drake's Guide to Wicked Sex- Anal Edition"and i can honestly say i think it's the best one yet! at that point, i decided i should quit while i was ahead, so i went to sleep before anything could go wrong.

i woke up this morning in a great mood, go figure. i finished recording the last four podcasts with Rick so we have fresh shows the whole month i'm gone. i then finished my notes for the instructional, took big to the dog park, came home, paid bills, cooked dinner. not quite as wonderful as yesterday, but hey, i'm not complaining.

i have a pretty busy day tomorrow, starting with voiceovers in the morning, so i'm signing off so i can eat some chocolate cake and ice cream before bed.

sweet dreams indeed. ; )



Monday, June 20, 2011

who's IN BED with me??

today i got a crazy amount of stuff done. did some podcasts, ran lots of errands, made dinner, returned emails, and now i'm brainstorming some questions to ask CHANEL PRESTON, who is going to be my special guest tomorrow on my radio show. if you guys have questions for her, please leave them in the comment section below and make sure you tune in to see if yours gets answered!

IN BED with jessica drake
Tuesdays 2-4pm PST
Playboy Radio Sirius XM 102
call-in number 1-877-205-9796

you can also stalk follow Chanel on Twitter HERE.

or watch a three-way with Chanel & me in HOOKED, from Wicked Pictures

Sunday, June 19, 2011

sunday fun(ish)day

Rocky Peak
has it really been a week already? wow.
so today is father's day...i hate father's day. my dad passed away 6 years ago on May 31st, and i guess it's not really just the actual day that i  hate, it's everything that leads up to it. such a holiday always is preceded by weeks of ads in stores and newspapers, not to mention the barrage of emails i get with subject lines like "don't forget fathers day" (how CAN i?) "it's not too late to give dad that perfect gift" (um, yeah, it kinda is) and so on. at least his birthday sneaks by. it's just that the anniversary of his death is very close to this stupid day, so it's double hard. in fact, even from sitting here in my office, i just heard a commercial on tv "give dad a gift he really wants!' enough already! sorry for venting. before someone asks, he died of lupus, which is rare in a man. no, i haven't inherited it. yes, we were pretty close. yes, he knew what i do for a living. he really was an amazing guy, and i'm really growing to love the many ways i'm like him.

so today i tried to be busy. i did take my altitude sickness meds for the first time, to make sure i didn't discover i was allergic to them in another country. i was fine, and climbed Rocky Peak. i think it was easier than usual, but it could have been in my head. ; ) got some gyros after that because being outside makes me SO hungry, then took big to the dog park again. i got home awhile ago and had a really long hot eucalyptus steam shower then i did an amazing salt scrub, so now i'm all soft and oily. ahhhhhhh.

tomorrow is get shit done monday, and i'm kicking it off with recording more PODCASTS! my goal is to have enough to last you guys during the month that i'm gone. i really want to thank everyone who has subscribed to them on Itunes- you've put us on the "new and noteworthy" list! feel free to leave comments & rate us long as you like em, lol. the rest of the week is editing my latest instructional, shopping for last minute supplies, running errands, and tying up loose ends before i leave. all i know is the "to-do" list in front of me keeps getting longer and longer. with that, i'm gonna pay some bills & return some emails. where's my clone when i need her?? eh, i'd probably just be in bed with her anyway. ; )


An experiment...

Before I take this on my trip, I'm supposed to try it here- it's Diamox, and is used to prevent altitude sickness. I took it about 45 minutes ago, so far so good. I'm about to go do a local climb, nothing too high, just getting the body moving uphill to see if I can feel a difference in my breathing.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

As promised...

Lemon chicken with rosemary potatoes. : )

today i...

got up early, for a saturday.
walked Big, went for brunch, headed to the dog park, where i stayed for about 2 and a half hours. came home, did 4 loads...of laundry. no, really, i love doing laundry almost as much as i love cooking. that's how the movie Fluff and Fold came about...i went to Brad and said i had always wanted to have sex in a laundromat. ; ) anyway, i digress.

getting closer and closer to my trip... i can't believe i'll be gone nearly an entire month. cambodia was 3 weeks. parts of that trip seemed to go very slowly, until a few days before i came back home, and those days went way too quickly. i'm trying to pack just as lightly as i did for that trip. all i took was a backpack. granted, it was a 50 lb pack, but still. i'm the girl who goes away for work for 3-4 days and takes 2 big suitcases, inevitably paying the ridiculous overweight baggage fees. yep, that's me. i'm taking clothes and tools for the build, my electronics, and everything i need to climb the mountain- layers and layers of clothes, climbing poles, a sub-zero sleeping bag with a pad, a head torch, collapsible water bottles, first aid kit, and as few toiletries as i think i can get away with. i was just playing in the cabinets in my bathroom- which looks like a small Bath & Body Works outlet, and i found quite a few minis of shower gel, lotions, and body sprays, so i think that's how i'll pamper myself when i'm roughing it. on the days that i have running water, that is. : O

to anyone out there reading this that has mountain climbing experience: if you have advice, i'm all ears. i know i'm being very vague with information about my trip, but i will divulge this- i'll be (hopefully) at 19,341 feet. if that number means something to you, we should talk, lol.

gonna go cook some dinner. pic to follow.


goodbye Den...

the following article is taken from AVN, my comments follow.

DAYTON, Ohio—Denny Recob, known to most in the adult industry simply as Den, the man behind website Cyberspace Adult Video Reviews (CAVR), died quietly in his Dayton home at approximately 8 pm June 16, 2011, following a lengthy illness. He was 67.
Senior AVN contributor "Dirty" Bob Krotts was Den's closest friend and submitted the following obituary for the esteemed critic:

Den was, without question, the most prolific adult reviewer ever. When he announced his retirement a few months ago (but kept his illness a secret to everyone but a select few), he had written an astounding 25,214 video and DVD reviews and 2,160 internet scene reviews for since starting the site in 1996. CAVR will remain active thanks to the Internet Adult Film Database (IAFD), but nothing will be added.
Den's reviews treated every release equally. In a style all his own, Den took a very nuts and bolts approach to adult criticism, so his reviews only mentioned the nitty gritty action and other features like extras and quality. He also ranked stars and scenes by various criteria that formed the basis for his annual CAVR Awards, which were given at his own expense and without fanfair every year to the winners.

With Den, it has always been about the girls. He waged a one-man war against mistreatment and, specifically, choking in adult. For the last few years he refused to review content from any company that included these actions in their products.

Few realize or may remember that Den was also an industry pioneer: In the mid 1980s, he was the first to shoot and sell high-end S-VHS adult video. He operated his own small mail-order amateur video company from Ohio called Den Video. He was forced to close after a few years when postal inspectors had him arrested on a trumped-up charge to scare him into shutting down. I had helped him to get his company running and will always remember that to keep my name out of it, Den pled guilty and served a short jail term. Den went to jail to protect his friends; he was a true hero and a loyal friend.

Whether you remember Den from his website, posting on forums, or for his quiet, unassuming appearances at adult parties and conventions, he will be greatly missed. -AVN

It's always sad when an industry loses one of it's own, but it's especially sad when it's a great guy like Den. CAVR is the most non-biased, detail oriented review site out there, and all of his postings on Adult DVD Talk will be missed. Rest in Peace, Den.


Friday, June 17, 2011

Friday's featured FILF! (Friend I'd Like to...)

photo courtesy of Wicked Pictures

every friday here i'm going to feature a friend i either like to have sex with or want to have sex with. i'm going to give you three facts about them, then i'm going to ask them to tell us three things about themselves. my first choice, for many reasons, some of them rather obvious (have you SEEN that body??!?) is Wicked Pictures' contract sex machine, ALEKTRA BLUE.

here are my three facts about AB:

1. Alektra is responsible for some of the best girl/girl action i've ever had. on and off camera.
2. Not only does she dress like a rockstar, she will kick your ass at Rock Band.
3. She won Fan's Choice for Best Body at this year's AVN Awards, and i got to announce it onstage.

i asked Alektra to give me three facts about herself that people might not's what she said:

1. my eyes are GREEN, not blue like everyone thinks.
2. my hair is naturally blonde.
3. my pet peeve is neediness.

ok, mental note...don't be needy. shit, who i am kidding? i need more Alektra, and i'm sure you do too. she's on her way back from Chi-town right now, but when she lands, she's gonna send us a picture to go with this first featured FILF post!

See more of Alektra at Wicked's website, or stalk her here on twitter like i do.

Thursday, June 16, 2011


Here's a screenshot I was just given for the big dance movie we just shot called Sexy...from left to right, Kaylani Lei, Alektra Blue, me, and Brandy Anniston. In this scene we learned that dancing really IS great's one of the best girl/girl scenes I've ever done. ; )

Wednesday, June 15, 2011


got a lot done today...a bunch of mundane errands that i won't bore you with the details of, and one really great meeting. as much as i WOULD love to share details with you, for now i'm keeping all that under wraps. you'll hear about it though, i promise.

one of the many great things about humpday is that it's one of the days a new episode of my FREE podcast goes up. have you heard any of them yet? they're pretty candid, really funny, and occasionally scandalous. i release a new one every monday, wednesday, and friday. i have a SITE for them, but you can also search them and subscribe on Itunes. last week, we made their "New and Noteworthy" list & i'm really impressed with that- we have listeners in every state in the US and in 59 different countries. amazing. also, the STFU Show is on Stitcher Radio, which i just put on my iphone. it's free there too.

so, for future podcasts, if you guys have some questions that you'd like me to answer, just leave them in the comments section of this blog entry. they can be about almost anything...just DON'T ask me how to get in the biz. ; )

a few nights ago i went to see Bridesmaids & nearly peed my pants it was such a riot, and tonight i'm thinking about seeing Hangover 2, if i can manage to put pants on. ehhh, on second thought, it may be a DVR night. hehehe


Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Lady Gaga, the follow up

as you may or may not know, last year i was in the amazing music video (yes, they still have those) for Telephone by Lady Gaga, featuring Beyonce and Tyrese. i was paired with one of my favorite people, alektra blue, and not only were we requested by the director, jonas ackerlund, we were so thrilled to have made the final cut, especially after having to keep it under wraps for so long while the video was in editing. it was really incredible to see ourselves on MTV, even if it was pretty quick, lol. here are a couple of screen shots from the video, and if you go watching it yourself, just know that we're in the beginning, next to each other in the jail cells.

here's another of me- they had me sleeved with temporary tattoos that turned out to be not so temporary.

it was truly an honor to be a part of it, i mean, we were literally FEET away from Lady Gaga all day and most of the night. i'm sure at times i was staring...and maybe even drooling a little. so why am i telling you this now? well, last week i walked into a bookstore for some travel books, and right as i walked in, i was greeted by a huge display of a book called "Pokerface- The Rise and Rise of Lady Gaga", which had contacted Wicked to interview Alektra and I about our experiences on the video. once again, we made the cut, and you can find us throughout Chapter 10. i loved reading it & reliving that day all over again. here's the cover of the book:

of course i got a few copies for alektra, the PR department at Wicked, and myself. ; ) go get your copy! next time you see alektra & i, we'll sign it for ya.


It's on!

It's official...
I just announced this blog on Twitter, and in a few hours, I'll do it on my radio show.
every week I'll be doing interviews with my some of my favorite people, polls and even giving you guys a chance to ask me questions. Feel free to leave me some comments. enjoy!


Monday, June 13, 2011

50% monday

so it's monday...
the day of my week i like to affectionately call "get shit done day monday". if i work my ass off on monday, i usually set the tone for my week. due to scheduling, however, today became half "get shit done day" and half "go to the spa with alektra & kaylani and then eat too much junk while we talk for hours" day. we went to one of my favorite spas, Burke Williams, here in LA. if you're local, try the 80 minute relaxation massage with the detox enhancement. seriously, it puts me right back together.

so i'm back at home in my office, catching up on some emails and fan mail, then hopefully i'll keep writing tonight. i'm working on a feature that i'll be directing and starring in sometime this year. no details yet, other than it's deep...dark...and dirty. ; )

i'm thinking of launching this blog as i hit 60K followers on twitter, so i'd say either tonight or tomorrow morning...or maybe on my radio show tomorrow afternoon. at any rate, in case you don't know, you can listen to my show IN BED with jessica drake LIVE on Tuesdays 2-4pm PST on Playboy Radio, Sirius & XM 102. it's a NSFW call-in show, so don't miss your chance to be live on the air with me.

i'm going to leave you with the latest movie of mine that just came out- it's called Friends With Benefits, it was directed by Francois Clousot, and if you're a member of Wicked's website, you can watch it there tonight. feel free to let me know what you think, as long as you liked it. ; b
sweet dreams...

Sunday, June 12, 2011

sunday funday

today was the Rose Bowl Swap Meet, which i love. it started out as a pretty gloomy day, but that was good because it wasn't too hot. i brought Big along for the ride, even though i had to sneak him in.

it looks like something out of a movie (ok, not one of mine, lol)...the people-watching is awesome!
this guy easily won the award for best outfit-
i usually try to find the craziest stuff possible, but everything just keeps on getting better and better. i mean, come on. where else can you go from finding a Deadmau5 head
to seeing Jesus AND an ostrich at the same time??!?
but soon, it was clear... THIS was by far the BEST swap meet find. it was $50, but i'm sure i could have gotten the guy down to $40, being that it's Gay Pride week & all. nooooo, i did not bring it home with me, though on the drive back, i was second guessing that decision.
they also have some really awesome food. after gorging ourselves on a breakfast burrito, tri-tip sandwich, pizza, and garlic fries, we left. on the way home, i took Big to the dog park for the very first time. he may have been before in his life, being that he is around 7 or 8 and i've only had him for a year and a half...but still, it's MY first time at a dog park. i'm not sure who loved it more. ; )
finally we came home & the plan is to make dinner and do some writing before i pass out on my face. wish me luck.


Saturday, June 11, 2011


This picture doesn't even BEGIN to explain just how much stuff has been donated. You guys are my heroes! I have a ton of baby clothes (3T & smaller) for the baby home & I have even more 5T & up in boy's and girl's clothing- that will go to the larger orphanage with older kids.

Thank you SO much for helping. I know what I'm doing with my Saturday...

on my mind

got a lot going on...i just shot a dance movie called SEXY, my latest instructional is in editing, i just recorded 4 more podcasts of the STFU Show today, i may be going to chicago next week after my radio show on tuesday, and of course getting ready for this big trip that i won't really tell you the details of yet.
i will tell you how i ended up going though, if you care.

every year for work i go to Sexpo Johannesburg, which is in South Africa. The first year i went, i was was the only place i had gone where i was told NOT to wander around by myself. naturally, that's just what i wanted to do, but after watching the news and seeing the kind of thing i was afraid of on the front page of the newspaper that was delivered to me with my breakfast, i took their advice and hired a tour guide. i did a lot of sightseeing, but more importantly, i got a great sense of history from someone who had been there his whole life. i went everywhere, from about 7am until 7 that night. i even went into Soweto & ended up at an orphanage. what i saw was just so removed from anything i had ever known, i don't have words for it. all i knew is that i wanted to do more volunteer work. i came back here and booked a trip to cambodia. i returned last year to south africa, back to that same orphanage. this year i'm going to kenya. i'll be there for 3 weeks, then, after a safari, i am going to attempt to climb mount kilimanjaro. seems like every day i'm doing something for the trip. i have my passport (of course), all my shots, hopefully my visas very soon, and a TON of clothing donations from friends/fans that i'm taking over to one of the children's homes. SO many people donated, many more than i originally thought. thank you , guys. seriously. from the bottom of my heart. also, there have been some cash donations. i have decided to either use these for school supplies to be purchased while i'm there or food/formula/diapers/medicine for the school/orphanage, whichever is needed more. i will keep you guys posted on this. i think i'll be shipping the stuff cargo, i'm looking into it now. there's SO MUCH of it!!

something else on my mind a lot lately is the issue of Cal OSHA wanting to enforce the "condoms in porn" regulation. even though Wicked is 100% condom only and condoms are the right choice for ME, i do not think that the government should be making that decision for anyone. i do think, however, that the performers have finally realized just how serious the situation is, and lots of them were in attendance at this meeting last tuesday. not only was i there, i cancelled my radio show because it felt so wrong to walk out. i think that the opposition was surprised to see so many of us. i have an email that i keep going and working on that i'll send to Cal-Osha, but i think that before it is sent, i'll need to greatly reduce the number of WTFs, F yous, and are you f'n kidding mes. that may be tough, but i do love a challenge.

ok, time to slow down the brain and get ready for bed. guessing i'll be making this a habit. uh, the blog, that is.

love ya'll.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Getting ready...

the beginning

here's yet another way to keep up with me, and another thing for me to do (in all my spare time, lol) i love twitter, but i'm challenged by it's 140 character limit, so i wanted to give you a little more.

for those who don't know, i'm jessica drake, a Wicked contract performer, writer, and director. i host my own radio show on Playboy Sirius/XM 102 called IN BED with jessica drake, and lately, i have taken on the role of co-host of a rapidly growing podcast called the STFU Show, which just made the "New and Noteworthy" list on ITunes. it also has it's own site here.

i travel a LOT, not only due to the demands of my job, but also because i have the worst case of wanderlust you will ever see. at the end of this month, i'm going on a very long trip really far away and although i can't give you all the details just yet, i do want to bring you all along with me, so i'll use this blog to post pictures and check in from time to time, providing i have internet.

well, those are the basics. welcome, and enjoy. expect another post soon.