Monday, May 28, 2012

Love Squirts...

well, if you wanted a "personal" blog from me, i'd say this is pretty personal. ; )

as i'm sure most of you know, I'm getting ready to shoot the next TWO instructionals for my series "jessica drake's Guide to Wicked Sex"- G Spot and Female Ejaculation and Anal Play for Men. as some of you may NOT know, i do 100% of these myself. the writing, the research, the casting, budget, catering, scheduling, paperwork, etc. i'm not looking for any "atta boys" for this, i just want to explain how hands-on i am with this line- pun intended, i suppose.

the ones i've done so far- Fellatio, Basic Positions, Anal Sex, Female Masturbation, and Threesomes- are things i have lots of personal experience in, and lots of knowledge about. however, although i have, on VERY few occasions "squirted", i've never done it to myself...and certainly not for lack of trying.

this seemed slightly hypocritical to me. how can i teach women how to give themselves G Spot orgasms if i can't do it? so the quest began...

obviously i understand the mechanics. i know what goes where. i can FIND my G Spot, i just can't work my own magic on it, but i sure tried. i tried fingers, toys, things that vibrated, things that didn't. i just couldn't. i think the harder i tried, the harder it got to reach my goal. i was getting frustrated, i began to sympathize with blue balls.

until a few days ago... i was driving my car and out of the blue i thought about the last time i squirted- how i wasn't TRYING to, i had no idea i was going to, it just happened. i was SO turned on by what was going on, my body just took over my brain and i had one of my strongest G Spot orgasms ever- and a blended orgasm. or 4. i came so hard that i was sore from it. the good kind of sore that reminds you what you've been up to.

i got home and still thinking about that, i got out a few toys that are always at arm's reach in my nightstand and came in about 45 seconds. then i did it again, about 2 minutes later. after that, i grabbed a G Spot toy that i had recently picked up at a convention. (somewhere in here i had the presence of mind to grab some towels) and i tried it out. i had just gotten off so hard and so fast right before that, i wasn't really thinking about getting off...


i'm more of a "gusher" than a projectile squirter, but let's just say it's a great thing those towels were there, or i would have been sleeping in the wet spot that night. it was awesome. it's not something i'd do all the time, but it was one of those outstanding Os. i felt so accomplished- which is how i hope lots and lots of women will feel after experiencing their first G Spot orgasm watching this next instructional.

just keep lots of towels nearby.
and perhaps a squeegee.


Tuesday, May 15, 2012

West Palm Beach

                     Come see me & satisfy your lap... do you want the secret word? Whisper "WICKED" in my ear for a FREE gift!

Monday, May 7, 2012


see. i promised details in another blog entry...
mark your calendars! 

Come meet me at CHEERLEADERS and get up close and personal... i'll be doing a show on Thursday and 2 shows on both Friday and Saturday. it's a perfect chance to meet me, get lots of FREE stuff, buy DVDs and Polaroids, PLUS get me on your lap for a World Famous Lapdance.

and that's not all... on May 10th, come help celebrate Cheerleaders 3rd Anniversary Party along with yours truly, Lisa Lisa, Naughty by Nature, and Clinton Sparks.

if you come to Cheerleaders and mention that you're a reader of my blog, just say the words "go team WICKED!" and get a special free gift- AND i might bring you up onstage with me. i'm not responsible for your dry cleaning bill, though. ; )


how YOU doin?

it seems like lately the personal blogs i'm writing are apologies for not writing personal blogs more often, but honestly, i have more irons on the fire than, well... not sure if i have a suitable analogy for that one. let's just say i'm busy as usual, and half of what i'm working my ass off on, i can't even tell you about until the official press release goes out. just know that it'll be worth the wait. THREE big things are coming soon. ; )

baltimore was a BLAST. dancing at Fantasies for you guys was awesome, i'm impressed with how many people were saying that they read this blog, listen to my podcast, listen to my radio show on Sirius. i love meeting you guys in person. next week i'll be in Pittsburgh at Cheerleaders, and then the following week, i'll be at T's Lounge in West Palm Beach. i'll post the details on another blog for you.

i did something this week that i'm really proud of. a few of you may already know about it, and tonight i gave up some hints on my podcast, which you can download from iTunes or right HERE. in the ever so thrilling world of podcasting, we got our first paid sponsor. yay us!! (now go buy their product.)

i'm getting ready to shoot two of my instructionals, so i'm doing a ton of research and writing, casting, budgeting, and shoot schedules. These are two i'm REALLY excited about...Anal Play for Men and GSpot/Female Ejaculation. just did a photoshoot for the whole line as well, i'm about to announce the launch of the website to go with the series... check it out here & let me know what you think.

on a side note, though i am an occasional squirter, i cannot seem to do it to myself... only with a partner. i have reached this conclusion through hours of strenuous "research", which is what i call what happened right before i took an hour-long "accidental" nap today...but hey, it's all just homework for my next instructional.

PERFECT excuse.