Monday, May 28, 2012

Love Squirts...

well, if you wanted a "personal" blog from me, i'd say this is pretty personal. ; )

as i'm sure most of you know, I'm getting ready to shoot the next TWO instructionals for my series "jessica drake's Guide to Wicked Sex"- G Spot and Female Ejaculation and Anal Play for Men. as some of you may NOT know, i do 100% of these myself. the writing, the research, the casting, budget, catering, scheduling, paperwork, etc. i'm not looking for any "atta boys" for this, i just want to explain how hands-on i am with this line- pun intended, i suppose.

the ones i've done so far- Fellatio, Basic Positions, Anal Sex, Female Masturbation, and Threesomes- are things i have lots of personal experience in, and lots of knowledge about. however, although i have, on VERY few occasions "squirted", i've never done it to myself...and certainly not for lack of trying.

this seemed slightly hypocritical to me. how can i teach women how to give themselves G Spot orgasms if i can't do it? so the quest began...

obviously i understand the mechanics. i know what goes where. i can FIND my G Spot, i just can't work my own magic on it, but i sure tried. i tried fingers, toys, things that vibrated, things that didn't. i just couldn't. i think the harder i tried, the harder it got to reach my goal. i was getting frustrated, i began to sympathize with blue balls.

until a few days ago... i was driving my car and out of the blue i thought about the last time i squirted- how i wasn't TRYING to, i had no idea i was going to, it just happened. i was SO turned on by what was going on, my body just took over my brain and i had one of my strongest G Spot orgasms ever- and a blended orgasm. or 4. i came so hard that i was sore from it. the good kind of sore that reminds you what you've been up to.

i got home and still thinking about that, i got out a few toys that are always at arm's reach in my nightstand and came in about 45 seconds. then i did it again, about 2 minutes later. after that, i grabbed a G Spot toy that i had recently picked up at a convention. (somewhere in here i had the presence of mind to grab some towels) and i tried it out. i had just gotten off so hard and so fast right before that, i wasn't really thinking about getting off...


i'm more of a "gusher" than a projectile squirter, but let's just say it's a great thing those towels were there, or i would have been sleeping in the wet spot that night. it was awesome. it's not something i'd do all the time, but it was one of those outstanding Os. i felt so accomplished- which is how i hope lots and lots of women will feel after experiencing their first G Spot orgasm watching this next instructional.

just keep lots of towels nearby.
and perhaps a squeegee.



  1. Cngratulations on your videos but Why don't you appear in your instructional videos that would be a great bonus?

  2. thanks!
    well, that was a decision that i took a long time to make...i wanted to separate my educational career from my regular adult career.i;m not planning on retiring any time soon, but when i do, i will continue the line of instructionals & i will continue being a sex educator.

    but i still star in 7 Wicked movies a year, so check out for my XXX stuff!


  3. And I watch them all! No please don't retire.....

  4. you just gave me a hard-on after reading this. thanks, j! =P


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