Monday, January 23, 2012

after the smoke clears...

holy shit.
i'm still in vegas!

AEE was great. although the set up wasn't quite right (i don't think the Hard Rock was quite prepared to handle the madness) i think overall,all the fans were very happy. i know that every time i got out of an elevator or walked down my hall, i was chased with pictures and/or DVDs to sign. it was cool though, just tough to juggle everything at once.

i met lots of people, took a million pics and signed a million posters, hosted my radio show, did dinners, parties, and also "hosted" the AEE Virtual Cast. i'll address that a bit more thoroughly on the next podcast i record, but i'd kind of like to apologize if that part let you down. i wasn't really the host, more like a satellite correspondant. that's not how it was pitched to me...i was under the impression i was, at the least, one of the main co-hosts, so that's how i promoted it to you guys. i'm sorry to those of you who have emailed/tweeted me about it. believe me, had i been a bit more aware, i would have shared that info with you. no ego, either, i just wish they would have told me upfront. at any rate, i hope you enjoyed what you DID see of me. ; )

since i was working my ass off and had every day scheduled down to the very last minute with super early wakeup calls every day, i was a good girl (YAWN) every night, ending up in bed by midnight with hot tea...except for the night of the AVN Awards. that night was awesome, though it did take nearly a full day to recover, lol.

i won't lie...there were LOTS of problems with the award show. problems that i had NEVER seen, in 10 years of going. the telepromters quit working, the huge screens everywhere were either static-y or blank, cues were missed, awards were skipped, skits didn't play. i'm sure AVN was devastated, they always take such pride in the show...i'm not sure what happened...but barring the technical issues, the awards were really good to us. Rocki Whore Hardcore Parody won a LOT, including Best Parody Comedy. in addition to that, Horizon won Best Special Effects, and i won my SECOND AWARD for my series! jessica drake's Guide to Wicked Sex- Fellatio won Best Instructional Release. that's such a huge deal for me, to be honored at both award shows in January. i am sincerely grateful to AVN and everyone on the commitee who voted.

AFTER the awards, we hosted an afterparty at Vanity in the Hard Rock, and it was amazing. we had great tables, lots of booze, awesome DJ, and so many people. it was just what i needed to blow off some steam after so much hard work...i may not drink often, but when i do, i drink like i still live in my parents' basement. shots & shots of jager! it was so much fun. i'll put up some pictures in a few days, they're scandalous.

i stay in vegas an extra day or so to relax after the show so i'm just packing up now, i'll leave sometime late tomorrow afternoon and drive at a leisurely pace (yeah, right) back to LA where i already have a ton of work waiting for me. in a few days i'll be in indiana, and then shortly after, i'll be shooting. i always leave vegas so inspired, it's kind of like New Year's all over again. : )


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  1. please post the most scandalous photos. :) i know I would definitely appreciate that.


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