Sunday, June 30, 2013


if this were new year's, my resolution would be to blog more. oh well. i'll catch you up anyway, then go back to cramming three weeks worth of things into a backpack.

so where were we? right...i've been working. shooting movies (Sexpionage and Underworld) giving workshops, speaking at universities, dancing, doing appearances, live XXX chats, writing and directing more movies in my Guide to Wicked Sex line, doing my radio show on playboy radio, and more. some of you have shown up to see me and told me that you've talked to me on twitter or my radio show & i have to tell you, i LOVE putting faces to screen names. for that i thank you!

also, we just got TEAM WICKED involved in AIDS WALK LA once again, and we're bringing the big guns. the teams is already bigger with higher goals, and we're just getting started. visit our page and support the team HERE. i know that Kaylani is rewarding donors with signed 8 x 10s, and the ULTIMATE hero reward can be yours if you donate $500 or more (plus find your way to LA) you'll get the chance to walk with the entire team PLUS if you're really cool we'll also let you attend the after walk brunch/bday party. more details to follow.

so's adventure time again! this means that i take off for parts unknown, roam the world, do some good stuff, and you get some cool pics down the line. feel free to peruse my archives here for blogs about other adventures past. you can also keep up with me via my twitter, which is most likely what got you here, but just in case, it's

i'll leave you with a picture from one of my favorite scenes in Underworld. who am i kidding?? they're ALL my favorite scenes. but i'll tell you about that later. hopefully before 4 months pass again. ; )


(i'm the naked one on the bottom)

and THIS is what i should be finishing right now.

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