Thursday, October 6, 2011

time out.

awhile back, i had Raven Alexis on my radio show. i hadn't been around her much before that, we are both contracted to different companies, but i enjoyed her company.

she is beautiful, sweet, young, sexy, well-spoken, witty and warm.

she also has stage 4 brain cancer.

picture "borrowed" from Raven's Tumblr

it's so brutal to see anyone fight against such a horrendous disease, but not only does she fight it, she has the greatest attitude i've ever come across...even on the days that she has chemo.

this post tonight is not to make you feel sorry for her- she would never want that- but instead to show you how amazing she is and give you every opportunity to support her.

her site is HERE.

read her BLOG - it's a very candid glimpse into her amazing personality

this is her TWITTER.

and look, here's a WISHLIST that i LOVE to promote! (ok, the ONLY one)

if you'd like to send Raven a card-

Raven Alexis Production​s
PO Box 3871 
Valley Village, CA 91617

and not long ago, a company called Naughty Swag designed a T SHIRT  in her honor, and they intended to donate a part of the proceeds to her for help with medical expenses...but here's what Raven said:

(reposted from Luke is Back)
A post on the Naughty Swag website said, "I have to say that after speaking with this woman she is amazing. We explained to her that we were doing this for her to help offset the medical costs. The response we got was touching to say the least. The following is a quote directly from the email we received."
"My fiance Stephen and I both feel that it would be most fitting and appropriate and rewarding for us to donate the money that is raised from the sales of your t-shirt," Alexis said. "I have a special soft spot for cancer now obviously, and always for children. Way before I ever got sick, I have given my fans free subscriptions and merchandise to my websites in exchange for donating to charities that I have listed on the site, so for me, it is a fitting gesture to donate this money to people who really desperately need help."
Raven is donating her share of the proceeds to St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital...and i think that really sums it up.

Fuck Cancer.


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