Friday, October 21, 2011


to say i'm busy would be an understatement, but i'd be lying if i said i didn't love every minute of it.

i was looking at my crazy calendar today as i locked myself in my office to work and practically duct taped myself into my chair, and i thought to myself how truly lucky i am and how much i love you guys.

you guys are the reason for my career, for my awards, for my appearances, for my website, twitter, podcast, radio show, my dancing, hell, even this blog.

you guys are also the reason i originally started traveling- first i was booked on little dance gigs where no one really knew who i was and i didn't even have a roadie or a bodyguard. then it was conventions just in the US, where i got to do the touristy sightseeing that i had never really done before. that progressed to adult bookstore signings when i had lots of Wicked movies and people started getting to know me...and then i started earning some serious frequent flier miles traveling to countries i would have never seen, if it wasn't for you guys.

this is my THANK YOU to you, if i've never said it before.

thank you for BUYING my Wicked movies instead of downloading them, thank you for joining Wicked's website and mine too. thank you for standing in line to meet me and take pics with me, even when the line is long. thank you for being a true collector and bringing me all of my DVDs and magazines to sign at shows. thank you for wanting pictures with me, and i love feeling your heart pound when i stand so close. ; )

thank you for supporting me as a writer and a director too. though i'm nowhere near done having sex on camera, thank you for believing that i'm so much more than that.

and finally, thank you for supporting all the causes that are so important to me. every year, you guys help me with the LA AIDS Walk, my food drive, and other charities and benefits.

ya'll are awesome, and i love ya!


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  1. Your welcome you light up our lives as well - a fan from the UK x


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