Wednesday, March 7, 2012

well hello there...

i'm so busy lately. i'm sorry for neglecting you.

 i just wrapped up another instructional and got some GREAT coverage by xojane! i loved that Emily, the author, was so candid and honest about what she really saw going on- and i had NO IDEA she had never been on a set until i met her. i think she had a good cherry-popping, courtesy of yours truly.

my STFU SHOW podcast just had it's 100 show anniversary!! now that we know that you really love us, it's time to step it up a notch. we've moved to a different format- due to my CRAZY schedule, we'll be doing 2 shows a week, but they'll be at least an hour long- we've added a new segment at the end of the show, and pretty soon there will be guests. you can still find us on iTunes or go directly to the show's site.

i am working on an amazing project that i can't talk about just yet (i hate it when people do this, but i swear it's good, and i swear i'll tell you the SECOND i can) it will be worth the wait. ; )

oh, and i also just did a three day juice cleanse. NO,  that's not an early April Fool's joke, and NO, i wasn't juicing bacon. i'll save it for another blog.

just wanted to check in and say i miss y'all!


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