Wednesday, August 24, 2011

catching up...

figured i should post a blog that A. isn't a cut & paste press release and B. isn't about Kilimanjaro. so, here you go.

i have lots going on. i'm FINALLY back to (almost) normal. not only did i pick up a strange bacteria, but yes, what i suspected was true. i had Giardia. after thinking i might die, MANY doctor/hospital visits, and being given the wrong antibiotics, i did a little research on my own, and then literally printed out the findings and took them in. once i had the right meds, things improved GREATLY. and lest you weren't paying attention the last time i said this, we should all really consider ourselves lucky for things like bacteria & parasite-free drinking water, health insurance, and modern medicine.

ladies night out at Con Rev in San Clemente went so great! awesome turnout, and i signed lots of movies...and answered a TON of sex questions. i stayed over, as you probably already saw if you follow me on twitter, and found a new favorite beach place. i went running on the beach really early as the sun was coming up, it was heaven. i want to go back and take a writing vacation there. just write, eat, beach, run, repeat.

even though i'm a girl, i hate certain girly things... one of those things is shopping. i'm getting ready for LA Exxxotica this weekend, and then a 3 day work trip right after that, so i needed to refresh my "professional" wardrobe. i spent today in downtown LA and Melrose. there's a store that i've shopped at for years mostly because i have a crush on the girl that owns/runs the place. she knows it, too...but it's funny- if we were in a bar or at an industry event or a swingers party, i'd have no problem being super smarmy & i'm sure she'd end up here at my house, having some drinks in the jacuzzi, NUDE. but in broad daylight in her store, while i'm wearing jeans and a tshirt & baseball cap, i get tongue-tied and awkward. f it, i'm putting her on my to-do list. she's sooooooo sexy.

and with everything else i have going on, i'm also writing the next instructional in my series "jessica drake's Guide to Wicked Sex", and this one is Female Masturbation. hopefully i'll shoot it sometime in September. i think that would be a great seminar to add to my list.

got something else REALLY exciting in the works, i just have to get permission to share it first... but here's a hint- it involves 2 of my FAVORITE things.

now that i've procrastinated enough, it's back to my script writing.


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