Tuesday, August 2, 2011

where am i?

i'm home. literally. at home. not going out too much.

after 4 weeks in Africa where i was JUST fine, i come home and get sick. i got back on the 27th in the morning, and after being pulled in & questioned by customs- it happens all the time- i went out for breakfast, ran a few errands, and then went home to chill by the pool and just take it easy. starting the next day, i was REALLY sick, feeling like i had been punched in the stomach, so dizzy and nauseous i could barely stand up, just a wreck. i thought it could be exhaustion/jet lag, so i took it easy for a few days, hoping nature would run it's course. that didn't really happen. one day i slept for 15 HOURS STRAIGHT. after that, i got scared and went to the doctor.

8 vials of blood & two doctors later, no real answers. the assumption is it's from the water...no, i wasn't just drinking it or brushing my teeth with the tap, but when you climb the mountain, there is only stream water, which i purified myself...until the very last night before the summit. the porters boiled water, but i'm going to guess they didn't do it long enough.  i'm on some really strong antibiotics. i think i'm starting to feel better. no fever, i'm not contagious, my system has just taken a beating. so THAT'S why you don't have pictures of the Big 5, me building stuff, the maasai, or me climbing mt. kilimanjaro. but soon, i promise.

i have stuff coming up at the end of the week- an interview for G4, and a boxcover shoot, so hopefully i'm done with all this. : O i know i'm very grateful for clean water & good health insurance...



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