Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Turkey Day!

As you guys may know, I'm still down under...Sexpo is just getting under way & I've done SO much here already with G4 my head is spinning! I've ridden Harleys, flown in an aerochute, and lots more. I can't wait to see the show, it's going to air in december. : )

I guess thanksgiving snuck up on me this year... I didn't think being in another country would bother me in the least. I always work in my birthdays & holidays don't bug me. Maybe it's because I've been gone so much lately, or maybe it was being alone in Africa for a month, or working in Haiti right before I came here...but I miss home. It's sad, but it also makes me a little mad. I'm a tough guy. I rarely "miss" anything, lol.

But it also makes me realize just how much I have to be thankful for. Firstly, I have a (gorgeous) place to live, food to eat, clean water, & medical care. In the past year I've seen people that lack the most basic things, but I'm blessed to have lots more than that. I have people to love, Big to cuddle, and an amazing job that allows me to follow my dreams anywhere I want to go... AND I have you guys, who I love & appreciate.

So I'm going to stop being sad & I'm going to finish this coffee, have a hot shower, & get ready for another awesome day at Sexpo shooting for G4 & meeting as many of you as possible.

Eat some turkey for me, & be thankful for all you have.


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