Saturday, July 16, 2011

Here goes...

I just returned to Nairobi this evening, after a few days on the Maasai Mara. To say it was amazing is an understatement. I had a hot air balloon ride, beginning in the dark of the early morning, seeing the sunrise, then all of the animals- we saw the big 5 during the first half of the day. I saw the migration of wildebeests, and had elephants walk right to my window. We also parked right in the middle of a pride of lions, and then had to beat a hasty retreat. It was just so great to see them in their environment instead of in a zoo. We did game drives in the morning at sunrise, during the middle of the day, and at dusk.

At night, we slept in covered tents & only had electricity from 7pm-11pm. Try charging a phone, 2 cameras, and an iPad with that timing, lol!

It was a long, bumpy, 5 hour drive back here, and the van had mechanical problems, but after I finally made it here, we ate at Carnivore, which was just as good as it's name. I ate all different kinds of meat, including camel, crocodile...and ox balls! Had a few dawas to round out my night, and I'm about to do some repacking.

Tomorrow I leave at 7am for Tanzania, and on Monday I start my attempt to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro. I'm really excited, also nervous. After that, a couple recovery days, and then back home finally, where I will be SO happy to be.

There are a ton of pictures coming for y'all, they're just insane!!


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