Sunday, July 24, 2011


It's my last full day in Africa. I'm back in Nairobi, Kenya, and after my month here I've finally succumbed to the creature comforts of a "nicer" hotel for 2 nights. It's no Ritz, but it sure feels like it. Unlimited hot water, reliable flushing toilet, room service or buffet food, laundry service (which I'm sure I offended this morning when I turned in a bag of the STINKIEST clothes ever) tv with more than one English channel, and a teapot & minibar in the room. Ahhhhhhh.

Taking inventory of what climbing the mountain did to face is still windburned & peeling, I have a bit of a cold, some bruises on my legs, REALLY sore calves, and I'm gonna lose the second toenail on my left foot. All things considered, I'm thinking I got off pretty easy, lol. It was like the ultimate confidence course & it taught me a lot...but I'll leave that for another blog. Or 10. ; ) and I do plan on blogging about every day I spent up there, but I'll do it from home, when I go through my pictures.

I'm happy/relieved/excited to be going home, but I'm also sad to leave this place. I've done a little bit of everything here & seen some truly amazing stuff. Today I'm meeting up with the cousin of a friend from CA who is working at an orphanage in the Kibera Slum & he'll be taking me through to meet the kids & tour the place. Google Kibera Slum.

Then it's back here for more packing & a last night watching the sunset over Nairobi, dawa in hand.


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  1. Awesome! Congrats. I'm just about to go. Would you mind sharing what you were thankful to have with you and what you didn't use at all?

  2. Just a stupid questions and you don't have to answer,
    1. did anyone in Africa recognized you?
    2. did you have fun there? (mean sex), I always want to do it in different countries


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