Tuesday, July 5, 2011

in a land far far away

the conversation went like this-
me: do you have wireless in the guesthouse?
woman: wireless?
me: internet?
woman: eeen-ta-netttttt?
and so now you understand the lack of updates.
the guesthouse is very rough. no hot water, and frequent black outs. you already know there's no internet. the rooms are places to sleep, nothing more. one channel on tv. but it's a truly amazing place to be. i'm in eldama ravine, working my ass off. lots of digging, mixing concrete with only shovels, lots of hauling materials. long days.
the orpanage in nairobi was awesome, i have plans to visit another one out here, i'm sure there will be harsh differences. there is not much running water in the whole area.
i have amazing pictures, beginning with me right above the rift valley. insane. now i just have to figure a way to get some on here. many keys on this computer don't work, and i'm in a tiny room at an cyber cafe, as they say. sloooowwwww connection.
but don't worry, i'm alive.
it's heaven.
wish you were here... (and could bring starbucks)

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