Thursday, June 30, 2011


Here goes...
As it starts, my flight was delayed by 3 hours, but at least I found out last night. (thanks, flight tracker app!) and now I guess I'm in Dubai overnight after this 16 hour flight. I'm taking the first flight into Kenya in the morning, but I still won't be there till the 2nd. : o

I'm SO excited. I hope I brought everything.

Hey, for those reading this that have me phone number, try out the What's App- it's an awesome travel app & it's free on my end so I can send pics, text, my location, even video. Just download it & if I'm in your contact list, you'll see me on there. Hit me up!

I'm a little sad to leave. I'll miss my people, y'all, my radio show (which will still be on, just replays) and doing my podcast. While I'm gone, a new FREE podcast will go up every Tuesday & Thursday, so don't miss those. I expect to be in the top 10 on iTunes when I get back.
; )

Keep checking back for updates...


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  1. Take lots of pictures..can't wait to hear all about this adventure! It's almost 9am here on east coast and I'm eating eggs & BACON..just for you. Lol.


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