Thursday, June 23, 2011


all day grin. ; )

i meant to blog yesterday, but never quite got around to it. i was too busy having what just happened to be one of the greatest days ever...not that life exactly sucks the rest of the time, but seriously. i should have gone to vegas or played the lotto.

i woke up to not one amazingly good email, but two. the one that i can mention was the confirmation from the tour group that is helping me with the kilimanjaro climb. initially i was going to do the Marangu, or the Coca Cola Route, which promises to be gentle and allows it's climbers to sleep in concrete huts along the way. somewhere in the middle of all of this, i decided to do the Machame Route. i'll be sleeping in tents on the mountain. whether or not i'm nuts is debatable, please reserve judgement till i get back. ; )

the other email came in right after that confirmation. it was something that i was REALLY hoping for. that's about all i can say. you'll know in time. that one thing alone made my day. the rest was just icing on the cake really. i was golden all day! both of my travel visas came in for the 2 countries i'll be in, my contacts arrived (somehow at the last minute i discovered i didn't have enough for my trip. doh!) i'm really anemic- that's a very long story for another blog- but i just had a CBC done and a physical for my trip, i got my results yesterday, and everything came back perfect. i then had an amazing radio show with the gorgeous Chanel Preston, who was the perfect guest. afterward, i took Big to the dog park, then went to the shooting range with Brad and Mark, then out to dinner, and finally, back home where i watched the first screener for the third instructional in my line "jessica drake's Guide to Wicked Sex- Anal Edition"and i can honestly say i think it's the best one yet! at that point, i decided i should quit while i was ahead, so i went to sleep before anything could go wrong.

i woke up this morning in a great mood, go figure. i finished recording the last four podcasts with Rick so we have fresh shows the whole month i'm gone. i then finished my notes for the instructional, took big to the dog park, came home, paid bills, cooked dinner. not quite as wonderful as yesterday, but hey, i'm not complaining.

i have a pretty busy day tomorrow, starting with voiceovers in the morning, so i'm signing off so i can eat some chocolate cake and ice cream before bed.

sweet dreams indeed. ; )



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