Monday, June 20, 2011

who's IN BED with me??

today i got a crazy amount of stuff done. did some podcasts, ran lots of errands, made dinner, returned emails, and now i'm brainstorming some questions to ask CHANEL PRESTON, who is going to be my special guest tomorrow on my radio show. if you guys have questions for her, please leave them in the comment section below and make sure you tune in to see if yours gets answered!

IN BED with jessica drake
Tuesdays 2-4pm PST
Playboy Radio Sirius XM 102
call-in number 1-877-205-9796

you can also stalk follow Chanel on Twitter HERE.

or watch a three-way with Chanel & me in HOOKED, from Wicked Pictures


  1. So if what a guy eats changes the way his cum tastes does the same apply to women? If so when J.D. Cums does she taste like skittles and maple smoked bacon?

  2. well, in a word, yes. ; )

    taste the rainbow! lol


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