Friday, June 24, 2011

Friday's Featured FILF! (Friend I'd Like to...)

photo courtesy of Kaylani Lei

every friday i'm giving you a friend i'd like to, well, you know. this week it's a girl that's not only one of the coolest chicks to have as a friend, but she's pocket size, so she travels really well. ; ) you may recognize her from many Wicked movies like Accidental Hooker, Eye of the Beholder, 2040, Foursome, Blind Date, The Perfect Getaway, Speed, and Girl's Wicked Pictures contract star Kaylani Lei!

so here's how this works, in case you weren't paying attention last time- i'll give you three facts about her from my viewpoint, then she'll do the same about herself. here are mine:

1. Kaylani has, hands down, the BEST fashion sense of anyone i know. she could easily be a stylist, wardrobe consultant, or professional personal shopper.
2. She does not ride a camel well. (hey, she can do everything else, so who cares, right?)
3. She's in a scene with me in SEXY, and it's the best girl/girl scene i've done in quite awhile. seriously.

and these are hers:

1. i never wear matching socks.
2. i once wore a "booty pop" (padded ass) under my gown at the AVN awards (editor's note: i can attest to that, i was actually there when she bought it & told her it looked great.)
3. i used to wear headgear and a retainer.

even i didn't know about the matching sock thing, or lack thereof, but at least now i know what to get her for christmas...and it's really crazy to think of this gorgeous girl in headgear, but apparently it paid off. and speaking of "paying off", if anyone has pics of her in such headgear, i WILL pay you for em, hehehe. but seriously, she's awesome, i <3 her, and her ass is perfect. without the Booty Pop.

for more of Kaylani, check out her websiteWicked's website, follow her on Twitter, or take her home with you. 

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