Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Lady Gaga, the follow up

as you may or may not know, last year i was in the amazing music video (yes, they still have those) for Telephone by Lady Gaga, featuring Beyonce and Tyrese. i was paired with one of my favorite people, alektra blue, and not only were we requested by the director, jonas ackerlund, we were so thrilled to have made the final cut, especially after having to keep it under wraps for so long while the video was in editing. it was really incredible to see ourselves on MTV, even if it was pretty quick, lol. here are a couple of screen shots from the video, and if you go watching it yourself, just know that we're in the beginning, next to each other in the jail cells.

here's another of me- they had me sleeved with temporary tattoos that turned out to be not so temporary.

it was truly an honor to be a part of it, i mean, we were literally FEET away from Lady Gaga all day and most of the night. i'm sure at times i was staring...and maybe even drooling a little. so why am i telling you this now? well, last week i walked into a bookstore for some travel books, and right as i walked in, i was greeted by a huge display of a book called "Pokerface- The Rise and Rise of Lady Gaga", which had contacted Wicked to interview Alektra and I about our experiences on the video. once again, we made the cut, and you can find us throughout Chapter 10. i loved reading it & reliving that day all over again. here's the cover of the book:

of course i got a few copies for alektra, the PR department at Wicked, and myself. ; ) go get your copy! next time you see alektra & i, we'll sign it for ya.


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