Sunday, June 19, 2011

sunday fun(ish)day

Rocky Peak
has it really been a week already? wow.
so today is father's day...i hate father's day. my dad passed away 6 years ago on May 31st, and i guess it's not really just the actual day that i  hate, it's everything that leads up to it. such a holiday always is preceded by weeks of ads in stores and newspapers, not to mention the barrage of emails i get with subject lines like "don't forget fathers day" (how CAN i?) "it's not too late to give dad that perfect gift" (um, yeah, it kinda is) and so on. at least his birthday sneaks by. it's just that the anniversary of his death is very close to this stupid day, so it's double hard. in fact, even from sitting here in my office, i just heard a commercial on tv "give dad a gift he really wants!' enough already! sorry for venting. before someone asks, he died of lupus, which is rare in a man. no, i haven't inherited it. yes, we were pretty close. yes, he knew what i do for a living. he really was an amazing guy, and i'm really growing to love the many ways i'm like him.

so today i tried to be busy. i did take my altitude sickness meds for the first time, to make sure i didn't discover i was allergic to them in another country. i was fine, and climbed Rocky Peak. i think it was easier than usual, but it could have been in my head. ; ) got some gyros after that because being outside makes me SO hungry, then took big to the dog park again. i got home awhile ago and had a really long hot eucalyptus steam shower then i did an amazing salt scrub, so now i'm all soft and oily. ahhhhhhh.

tomorrow is get shit done monday, and i'm kicking it off with recording more PODCASTS! my goal is to have enough to last you guys during the month that i'm gone. i really want to thank everyone who has subscribed to them on Itunes- you've put us on the "new and noteworthy" list! feel free to leave comments & rate us long as you like em, lol. the rest of the week is editing my latest instructional, shopping for last minute supplies, running errands, and tying up loose ends before i leave. all i know is the "to-do" list in front of me keeps getting longer and longer. with that, i'm gonna pay some bills & return some emails. where's my clone when i need her?? eh, i'd probably just be in bed with her anyway. ; )



  1. Hey Jessica,

    I understand your situation with Father's Day. I have one too. My mom passed away 5 years ago on June 19. I fortunately have my dad but he is in a convalescent hospital suffering with dementia. I visited my mom's grave site and it was very strange given most everyone was visiting males on Sunday and I was there for my mom. Hard to celebrate one parent not all here and another that is not. I heart goes out to you.

    Stiletto Magazine

  2. awww, gary, i'm sorry. even though society teaches us that they'll go before we do, it doesn't ever make it easier. i'm sorry for your loss. xoxo


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