Friday, June 17, 2011

Friday's featured FILF! (Friend I'd Like to...)

photo courtesy of Wicked Pictures

every friday here i'm going to feature a friend i either like to have sex with or want to have sex with. i'm going to give you three facts about them, then i'm going to ask them to tell us three things about themselves. my first choice, for many reasons, some of them rather obvious (have you SEEN that body??!?) is Wicked Pictures' contract sex machine, ALEKTRA BLUE.

here are my three facts about AB:

1. Alektra is responsible for some of the best girl/girl action i've ever had. on and off camera.
2. Not only does she dress like a rockstar, she will kick your ass at Rock Band.
3. She won Fan's Choice for Best Body at this year's AVN Awards, and i got to announce it onstage.

i asked Alektra to give me three facts about herself that people might not's what she said:

1. my eyes are GREEN, not blue like everyone thinks.
2. my hair is naturally blonde.
3. my pet peeve is neediness.

ok, mental note...don't be needy. shit, who i am kidding? i need more Alektra, and i'm sure you do too. she's on her way back from Chi-town right now, but when she lands, she's gonna send us a picture to go with this first featured FILF post!

See more of Alektra at Wicked's website, or stalk her here on twitter like i do.


  1. Both of you also have excellent taste in shoes-Pigalles! :)
    Pigalle Passions
    The biggest pigalle spotter site in the world

  2. i have the spiked peep toes as well...also the patent platforms, and a matt-black slingback. and your blog is abSOLEutely amazing.


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