Saturday, June 18, 2011

today i...

got up early, for a saturday.
walked Big, went for brunch, headed to the dog park, where i stayed for about 2 and a half hours. came home, did 4 loads...of laundry. no, really, i love doing laundry almost as much as i love cooking. that's how the movie Fluff and Fold came about...i went to Brad and said i had always wanted to have sex in a laundromat. ; ) anyway, i digress.

getting closer and closer to my trip... i can't believe i'll be gone nearly an entire month. cambodia was 3 weeks. parts of that trip seemed to go very slowly, until a few days before i came back home, and those days went way too quickly. i'm trying to pack just as lightly as i did for that trip. all i took was a backpack. granted, it was a 50 lb pack, but still. i'm the girl who goes away for work for 3-4 days and takes 2 big suitcases, inevitably paying the ridiculous overweight baggage fees. yep, that's me. i'm taking clothes and tools for the build, my electronics, and everything i need to climb the mountain- layers and layers of clothes, climbing poles, a sub-zero sleeping bag with a pad, a head torch, collapsible water bottles, first aid kit, and as few toiletries as i think i can get away with. i was just playing in the cabinets in my bathroom- which looks like a small Bath & Body Works outlet, and i found quite a few minis of shower gel, lotions, and body sprays, so i think that's how i'll pamper myself when i'm roughing it. on the days that i have running water, that is. : O

to anyone out there reading this that has mountain climbing experience: if you have advice, i'm all ears. i know i'm being very vague with information about my trip, but i will divulge this- i'll be (hopefully) at 19,341 feet. if that number means something to you, we should talk, lol.

gonna go cook some dinner. pic to follow.



  1. Hi Jessica!
    I think you gonna have some fun in Africa, I'm from Rwanda but I live in Kenya, I left as young man, I did not have a chance to hike Kilimanjaro, most importantly I wanted to hike Volcano in Rwanda to see mountain Gorrilas, anyway have enjoy your trip

  2. thanks...i'm really excited. i'll give you guys lots of pictures. : )


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