Monday, June 27, 2011

my weekend

...was really busy and over before i knew it. i figured i'd smoosh the two days together for the blog. i did a lot! i'd cleaned out my closet (yet again) and started off by taking the stuff downtown to an amazing organization called the DOWNTOWN WOMEN'S CENTER- they were having some kind of an event so i got to hang out for a few. they have a store right next door called Made, which is a cool coffee shop/gift shop where many of the women housed at the center are involved in making things to resell. 100% of the profits go to the center.

after that, i decided to check out the Dwell home show in the LA Convention Center. usually when i go to a convention, it's an adult one with sex everywhere and i'm wearing little outfits standing in high heels for 6-8 hours with lines of fans and lots of cameras... it was kinda weird, i felt like i was playing hooky.
found lots of really cool stuff there...but this guy was my favorite:
his name is Sasaki, and he's a Japanese artist doing this project for the Japanese Reconstruction Fund. he hooked up people to a heart monitor and drew their heartbeats. <3 

after that, it was time for my recent favorite place, the dogpark. i have figured out (after almost 2 YEARS) that if i take Big there, he usually lets me sleep in. i should explain that i'm nocturnal...i'm so much more productive and creative at night. when i got him, though, his little furry ass would wake me up at 7 am everyday...7:30 is sleeping in now. : O i can't be mad at him, he's just so f'n happy to start a new day, so what can i do? i scramble to find my pants & take him for early walks, with me staggering around the neighborhood running into bushes and mailboxes. until now. i take him to a dogpark that has a special place for smaller dogs, and i let him run around and sniff butts for 2 hours while i make calls and return emails. the only downside to that is that sometimes, my phone conversations can get a little X rated... i think i said the words ANAL and COCK a little loud last time, when i was talking to my editor. oops.
after that was sushi for dinner, which i can't get enough of. this morning, Big woke up early anyway, though to his credit it was 8, not 7. of course i got up anyway, put on pants (kinda), took him for his "walk of 100 pees", and then got back in bed, put him in a headlock, and we fell asleep again until 11. that's a first, lol. finally i got up, got breakfast, and headed to long beach. i've been wanting to check out little Cambodia down there. ever since going to Siem Reap last year, i just can't get enough of the food, and i read that some of the best restaurants were right there. i also wanted to find a RELIABLE translator to do my Khmer backpiece. i wandered there awhile, and then ended up at the aquarium. i saw a ton of fish, which i'm sorry to admit made me want more sushi. i also saw sharks, sea lions, otters, lobsters almost as big as me, and jellyfish...which i just love & a ton of other stuff. they also have lorakeets, which is kinda weird being that it's an aquarium, but they sell little cups of sweet nectar & you can use that as bait so they'll come land on you and drink it. 

all that walking around made me hungry & i felt too guilty to eat sushi, and besides i had it last night, and i really wanted to try out little Cambodia's cuisine. urban spoon & yelp sent me to a place called Siem Reap, and since that was where i visited for a few weeks last year, i took it as a sign. holy shit, it was amazing. i had the Amok Trey, which is a fish curry with coconut milk. OK, I KNOW. it's still fish. sheesh, sorry, lol. anyway, it was exactly the same as i had eaten in Cambodia. i got boba too, and some kind of mango tapioca warm pudding stuff that i sucked right down. i would make that drive again, just to eat there.

on the way home, i decided to go see Bad Teacher to top my weekend off. it's not quite as funny as Bridesmaids, but wow. cameron diaz did an amazing job playing the part. she was so hot...trashy...with great shoes. yum. go see it. it's worth it, just to hear her say cock. mmmmm.

so, it's technically monday. i leave on thursday. oh my god! i'm packed but i still have lists of stuff i gotta do. tomorrow's gonna be one busy day. and so is tuesday...and wednesday. 

and HEY!! since it IS monday, the latest STFU SHOW podcast is up. have you heard any of em? do you subscribe to the show? it's free, and you can find it on Stitcher Radio, Itunes (we're even on the "new and noteworthy" list) or you can just go HERE! they're really funny, and you never know what you'll hear, but you know it'll be good. the show also has a TWITTER, and we do follow back.

ok, y'all, time for bed.


  1. OMG! how the hell do you find the time to do all of this?!? simply amazing. so i take it you're not going to be at EXXOTICA in Chicago? :(

  2. hahaha, i play as hard as i work. ; )

    nope, wicked will not be attending this year.

  3. bummer. :(

    so to cheer me up, i just watched the last scene of About Jessica. HOT!!! i like the socks. ; )


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