Monday, June 13, 2011

50% monday

so it's monday...
the day of my week i like to affectionately call "get shit done day monday". if i work my ass off on monday, i usually set the tone for my week. due to scheduling, however, today became half "get shit done day" and half "go to the spa with alektra & kaylani and then eat too much junk while we talk for hours" day. we went to one of my favorite spas, Burke Williams, here in LA. if you're local, try the 80 minute relaxation massage with the detox enhancement. seriously, it puts me right back together.

so i'm back at home in my office, catching up on some emails and fan mail, then hopefully i'll keep writing tonight. i'm working on a feature that i'll be directing and starring in sometime this year. no details yet, other than it's deep...dark...and dirty. ; )

i'm thinking of launching this blog as i hit 60K followers on twitter, so i'd say either tonight or tomorrow morning...or maybe on my radio show tomorrow afternoon. at any rate, in case you don't know, you can listen to my show IN BED with jessica drake LIVE on Tuesdays 2-4pm PST on Playboy Radio, Sirius & XM 102. it's a NSFW call-in show, so don't miss your chance to be live on the air with me.

i'm going to leave you with the latest movie of mine that just came out- it's called Friends With Benefits, it was directed by Francois Clousot, and if you're a member of Wicked's website, you can watch it there tonight. feel free to let me know what you think, as long as you liked it. ; b
sweet dreams...

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