Saturday, June 11, 2011

on my mind

got a lot going on...i just shot a dance movie called SEXY, my latest instructional is in editing, i just recorded 4 more podcasts of the STFU Show today, i may be going to chicago next week after my radio show on tuesday, and of course getting ready for this big trip that i won't really tell you the details of yet.
i will tell you how i ended up going though, if you care.

every year for work i go to Sexpo Johannesburg, which is in South Africa. The first year i went, i was was the only place i had gone where i was told NOT to wander around by myself. naturally, that's just what i wanted to do, but after watching the news and seeing the kind of thing i was afraid of on the front page of the newspaper that was delivered to me with my breakfast, i took their advice and hired a tour guide. i did a lot of sightseeing, but more importantly, i got a great sense of history from someone who had been there his whole life. i went everywhere, from about 7am until 7 that night. i even went into Soweto & ended up at an orphanage. what i saw was just so removed from anything i had ever known, i don't have words for it. all i knew is that i wanted to do more volunteer work. i came back here and booked a trip to cambodia. i returned last year to south africa, back to that same orphanage. this year i'm going to kenya. i'll be there for 3 weeks, then, after a safari, i am going to attempt to climb mount kilimanjaro. seems like every day i'm doing something for the trip. i have my passport (of course), all my shots, hopefully my visas very soon, and a TON of clothing donations from friends/fans that i'm taking over to one of the children's homes. SO many people donated, many more than i originally thought. thank you , guys. seriously. from the bottom of my heart. also, there have been some cash donations. i have decided to either use these for school supplies to be purchased while i'm there or food/formula/diapers/medicine for the school/orphanage, whichever is needed more. i will keep you guys posted on this. i think i'll be shipping the stuff cargo, i'm looking into it now. there's SO MUCH of it!!

something else on my mind a lot lately is the issue of Cal OSHA wanting to enforce the "condoms in porn" regulation. even though Wicked is 100% condom only and condoms are the right choice for ME, i do not think that the government should be making that decision for anyone. i do think, however, that the performers have finally realized just how serious the situation is, and lots of them were in attendance at this meeting last tuesday. not only was i there, i cancelled my radio show because it felt so wrong to walk out. i think that the opposition was surprised to see so many of us. i have an email that i keep going and working on that i'll send to Cal-Osha, but i think that before it is sent, i'll need to greatly reduce the number of WTFs, F yous, and are you f'n kidding mes. that may be tough, but i do love a challenge.

ok, time to slow down the brain and get ready for bed. guessing i'll be making this a habit. uh, the blog, that is.

love ya'll.

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